The death of Melissa Rafter

The Rafters bubble has burst.

Melissa Rafter (Zoe Ventoura) was killed in a car accident in tonight’s episode of the hit Seven drama, Packed to the Rafters.

In an emotional episode narrated by the voice of Ben (Hugh Sheridan), the perfect world of the young couple came crashing down when it was least expected.

Everything had been rosy for the young couple, both planning a baby together. Tonight, while Ben was organising a romantic evening at a hotel for his wife, Melissa was stuck at work.

Meanwhile back at the Rafters household, a family dinner was underway.

The fatal moment happened as she drove from the hospital to the hotel, distracted by a phone message from Ben. Another car from the other direction collided with hers.

But the real drama was saved for a sensitive family scene in which a stony-faced Ben attended the hospital surrounded by a tearful family.

Captured in slow motion with a song, it was a powerful scene.

The tragedy followed network promos teasing the “death of a young Rafter,” but her fate became clear within the first 15 minutes when farewelling Ben as she head off to work.

“If I had known my bubble was about to burst,” said Ben, “I would never have let her go.”

Melissa (nee Bannon) married into the family only a year ago, in a picture perfect soapie wedding.

The death of Melissa is the first major death since the show has begun. In the final weeks of the ratings season, viewers will now be compelled to watch how television’s favourite family come to terms with the tragedy.


  1. i didn’t like this episode, i though it was sh*t to destroy this great relationship between the two with the idea of a baby, it ruined the show for me and i don’t know if i can continue to watch it since now everything is distorted.

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