The preliminary ratings factor

The ratings figure for The X Factor finale just got a nice little shot in the arm. Now up to 1.83m.

The ratings figure for The X Factor finale just got a nice little shot in the arm.

Preliminary figures for The Winner Announced were 1.63m. But Overnight figures never take into account overruns, which often comprise live events such as sport and some variety shows.

Today the adjusted figure rises to 1.83m.

The original coding had winner announced as a 45 minute programme, but in adjustments it is just 9 minutes long.

Networks can advise the software company Neilsen of overruns and adjustments and they amend the logs and issue them the next day. TV Tonight understands the show did not overrun.

The same strategy is applied to programmes such as Masterchef Winner Announces, and AFL Grand Final broadcasts. But 1.83m will surely look a lot nicer in the end of year figures next week.

Should Seven have coded the original programme as a shorter show? Perhaps. If “The Winner Announced” was simply the moment when Luke Jacobz announced the winner, followed by speeches and a song, it’s hard to see how it could have ever filled 45 minutes of television.

But that’s the name of the game. The show certainly pulled a good audience as it drew to a close, and may yet be renewed for 2011.

Seven will be hoping the audience is keen for its return and willing to sample it a lot longer than 9 minutes. All 1.83m of them.

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  1. One of my criticisms of the show was the production values and over the top music numbers. While I could see the dollars spent, it didn’t help to endear some of the singers to the tv audience. Their vocals seemed buried underneath ott mixing and lights and effects. Vocally i thought Sally, Altiyan, Mahogany, India Rose, Amanda, James were strong, but who could tell most of the time? The three boys just weren;t very good, i thought – but that didn’t stop the votes. Sometimes less is more, but the producers don’t know that concept.

  2. Seven would be mad not to run with it and see what happens second time around. TXF could quite easily have been axed in the UK after the first series with fairly average ratings – now it’s regularly getting three times the figure and is the highest rated series of the last decade and more.

  3. Really would hope it returns. Prefer it to any other talent shows around in recent times, including Idol.

    Loved the judges (though Kyle was questionable, even though as a person I think him alright.. the other 3 are artists/performers themselves and he just a radio DJ so not sure how great that helped with mentoring).. loved that it wasn’t just for young solo singers and allowed older people and groups, too.

    I do wonder how much of a different show it would have been if Matthew Newton stayed on though.

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