Two and a Half Men, Mentalist update

Nine has made an amendment to its plans for Monday November 15th.

Both Two and a Half Men and The Mentalist will no longer run as new episodes.

They are now repeats.

This is the same night that TEN has the 2 hr finale for Junior MasterChef.

Just sayin’…..


  1. @Will – The Event wasn’t on in the US last Monday (Election coverage on NBC) so no ep this week on Seven. It should be back next week, unless Seven pulls it until next year and sticks it on 7TWO or 7MATE?

    There are 3 or 4 new eps to be shown in the US before the xMas break.

  2. Any idea what’s happening to The Event on Seven? Seems to have vanished from the schedule – maybe like the plane full of passengers in the plot!

  3. @ aznfratboy I understand. However I would still have tuned in to the Mnetalist and most fans would have. It is just annoying. But I get your point.

  4. Normally it wouldn’t worry me because I’d be watching Four Corners, Media Watch and Q&A. I looked it up and they’re not on. So unless there’s a surprise I might have to break out a DVD or two.

  5. So instead of these shows airing a week late it will be probably 2 months or more until the end of Jan before they come back, I’m thinking more than a few people will go else where to get their fix over the Christmas period.

  6. What’s even more annoying is that there is only one more week of ratings left after that week – so if they keep new eps on for the following Monday, they are oin for one week, then off again until Feb.

    If anything, the repeats will push people back to Ten to watch the JMC finale.

    Wait a minute – Packer and Gyngel are friends – right?

  7. @ Craig, Nik C

    It’s obviously a marketing tactic. Channel 9 has obviously paid alot of money for 2 shows that rate very well, they are not going to fork out even more money to air it on a timeslot where its not going to get views.

    I’ll put this question to you;

    Do you pay $200 for a toy, when you know that in 3 days time, it will cost $20 because of whatever special the store is having? Obviously you’ll wait the three days.

    Sure 9 will lose a few viewers, but the amount is so minor it wouldn’t matter, and they will catch up in a a couple of weeks with The Mentalist when Thanksgiving week rolls around and all the networks go straight into repeat mode.

  8. So is this Nine admitting defeat?

    Seriously what is the point of the different networks if they are not going to provide alternate new run shows in prime-time at the tale end of the ratings year?

    No wonder more and more people are going else where for their TV shows.

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