Two and a Half Men update

If you are a fan of Two and a Half Men, enjoy tonight’s first-run episode while you can.

Looks like there will be no more premiere episodes this year.

None are scheduled between tomorrow and the end of the ratings season, November 28th.

The show will remain in its current slot but as Repeats.

In fact it will even fill in for Getaway on November 25th.


  1. Bring back the original sale of the century (not temptation) at 7:00pm because I miss sale of the century when it is not on anymore. Because it is a good game show I like the host of sale of the century to be Ed Phillips call it sale of the century and do the (1980-1999) for the game show. They should give away 2 cars like Toyota, ford, Mitsubishi, BMW, for the game show and it should come back on tv on Monday-Friday at 7:00pm please bring original sale of the century back on channel 9 We want sale of the century. Bring it back Call it sale of the century

  2. Come on channel nine. i am so sick of the contempt you show your viewers playing repeat after repeat. i think yourve shown 3 or 4 new ones this year… sooooooooo over channel nine

  3. I enjoy Two and a Half Men, but I gave up on it a year or more ago, because I could never find a new episode. Same with Big Bang Theory.

    Nine dont seem to realise that when you tell a joke again and again – even a good joke – sooner or later people start saying ‘heard it!”.

    Why cant they give us a run of new episodes, then if they are that worried about cost, run a repeat series? Surely they dont think we’re so stupid we wont notice they’re repeats???

  4. Thx channel 9, while I don’t watch this show regularly I did want to watch episode 8 with Nadia Bjorlin. And they wonder why people download from the internet.

  5. @Bella – Sorry. My sarcasm was a bit subtle. it’s always 1 step forward – 3 steps back with this series and the dolts that program it. But while it achieves the ratings they will continue to do it. Show your displeasure and refuse to watch it any more.

  6. Why doesn’t nine have a 24/7 channel for this show as its also shown on Go as repeats!

    Someone should keep stats on many times a year an episode is repeated!

  7. Nine/WIN rely on Two and a Half Men way too much.

    Last night when the cricket finished early they again defaulted to Two and a Half Men as filler. There is going to come a time when the networks will need to find something else to fill that 7:00pm slot and 7:30pm on Mondays and GO and GEM and wherever else it is slotted.

  8. I guess the few remaining fan will have to go else where to get their fix, why are Nine holding off for the next 2 or 3 ratings weeks? I guess they figure it gets just as many viewers in re-run and people won’t notice the same old jokes repeated.

  9. @Southpatt I think that’s a good idea to start from the pilot. They did that with The Big Bang theory and as far as I can tell they’re showing the eps in order.

  10. So how many first runs have they run this year… Three ?

    Here’s a thought. When the ratings start again, let’s start at the very beginning. S01E01. The public are such fools.

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