Understanding Boss

Minor Spoiler: In TV terms, there’s something of a rarity in tonight’s episode of Undercover Boss Australia.

The episode features Toga Hospitality CEO Rachael Argaman (pictured), who visits a number of the hotels for which her company supplies staffing.

As is the style of the series, it involves her hearing personal stories about her frontline staff.

One of those that is featured is from someone who shares about the challenges they faces when they became HIV Positive.

It is explained with dignity, determination and without hysteria.

That’s not often visited in this kind of genre, let alone handled well. But in this episode it’s treated sensitively.

Good to see….

It airs at 9:30pm tonight on TEN.


  1. I’m sorry but this show is terrible. Yes some of the staff get something good from it like a promotion or free managers course or a trip overseas etc. But this show is just a cheap 1 hour advertsing deal for the company.

    For example, in last nights show the CEO wanted to promote them making their hotels more “greener” and donate the food they don’t use to charity etc. Yes, its all good but she basically had a plan before she met these people what she wanted to promote about her company on the show.

  2. Wow can you imagine the look on the workers face when they realises she is the CEO. But glad to see its handled nicely. Even today there are people who are still fickle about HIV.

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