US remakes: Next stop Misfits?

Shameless, Being Human, Skins, Outnumbered, Spooks, The Inbetweeners…. is Misfits the next series ripe for an American remake?

There’s nothing official, but at a premiere screening of the second season in London last week, the show’s writer and creator Howard Overman admitted it was “something I can’t really talk about”.

Pressed for more details by host Jonathan Ross, a committed Misfits fan, Overman confirmed “there’s been a lot of interest in it”.

“But you just have to make sure it’s done in the right way,” he continued.

“The idea was always to do a very British take on the superhero genre. Would that translate back to America? I don’t know.”

Star Stewart-Jarrett, who plays a former athlete Curtis who has the power to rewind time, remarked, “Their whole system is different.

“I don’t even know if they have kids that do community service so I don’t know if that translates.

“But I think this could just work as it is in the States,” he continues. “We’ve apparently got secret fans.”

America often has a habit of glamming everything up. One of the best attributes of E4’s Misfits, which aired in Australia on ABC2, was its “indie-film” feel.

As we near the end of 2010 Misfits is still standing up as one of the most interesting new shows on the box this year.

Source: BBC


  1. How would it even be possible to show this in the usa. I live here and the skins remake is terrible so far, and i don’t think they could portray misfits with american people. Kelly is the one who you can’t understand which makes it funny, Nathan has such dirty humor, and Alisha has sex with everyone, along with Curtus and Simon telling Alisha what they want to do to her. The language wouldn’t be the same. They shouldn’t be able to use UK slang in the US.

  2. American remakes should be banned. Simple.

    The second series premiered here last night on E4 to 1.1m – a massive 93% up on it’s series one average!

  3. Haha, AJ!! Didn’t you notice? Doctor Who already has “some hot, young actor as the Doctor and … an equally attractive and young female companion for plenty of UST” … oh my god, what did you call that in the last season??

    As for Misfits — one of my Most favourite shows ever, and the final episode just took the word “epic” and redefined it. Equally, it would be one of the Hardest shows to translate to the US. You’d have to set it in the same places as The Wire, wouldn’t you?

  4. you forgot to mention one thing. Bleedingcoolnews confirmed Series 3!!! Woohoo! And after buying the first episode of series 2 on itunes all i can say is Bring It On!!

  5. I loved this show, definitely the best new show of this year. I am really looking forward to the next season, let’s hope the ABC gives us the respect of airing it reasonably closely to the British airing (I’m thinking Spooks here – there was No excuse for the huge delay – you can buy the DVDs before the episodes are shown – ridiculous!) The lack of pretension and multilocations is part of it’s brilliance. If you think, how many locations do you frequent most days – 2-3. This is so much better and so different from Heroes!!

  6. Loved the first season of Misfits, but I have any aversion to remakes of any kind, particularly US remakes of UK productions.

    I don’t understand why they can’t just buy the “concepts” but create all their own characters and story-lines. Is it really necessary to buy the entire “show” and essentially just replace the actors and the sets (and the names of some or all of the characters)? It’s still the same show and often the worse for wear thanks to the fairly minor changes which have a pretty significant impact.

    I’m still looking forward to the US remake of Doctor Who which will no doubt cast some hot, young actor as the Doctor and team him with an equally attractive and young female companion for plenty of UST. No doubt the TARDIS’s exterior form will be changed to something suitably American and 99.9% of alien planets will have been settled by Americans to explain the remarkable similarities in architecture, etc.

  7. Umm…the US already did their version….it was called ‘Heroes’.

    I think the UK show was very watchable and I had to see every ep but it was by no means ground breaking TV. Maybe with more of a budget, so that there were more than 2-3 locations it could have worked better. Still, Im hoping for a 2nd series just for the hell of it.

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