Wild Boys drama riding to Seven

EXCLUSIVE: The Seven Network’s next drama series will boldly step back in time, with an Australian colonial western.

Wild Boys will combine horses, gold, bushrangers, power and corruption -all set against the backdrop of an 1850s penal system.

At the heart of the series are four young men, Jack, Dan, Conrad and Captain Gunpowder, determined to keep ahead of the troopers or wind up at the end of a noose.

Expect guns, knives, fights, gambling, romance, revenge and weapons.  Gold, land and power are up for grabs. The towns and highways 
are ruled by bushrangers. The guys are sexy, the authority corrupt, and the lead female, Mary, is a single mother with a business to run.

The Southern Star series is produced by Sarah Smith and Julie McGauran, both of whom are producing Rescue Special Ops for Nine. Smith also worked on The Alice and McLeod’s Daughters, while McGauan also produced Out of the Blue.

The series is due to begin shooting in late March, with cast to undergo training in horses and weaponry beforehand.

A colonial drama series has not been attempted on Australian television for some time, but Seven has a history of successful genre pieces including Cash and Co., Tandarra, All the Rivers Run, Five Mile Creek and the classic miniseries Against the Wind, while Nine had a hit with The Man from Snowy River. There are rumours Nine will announce a period edition of Underbelly, centering around Squizzy Taylor.

Last week Seven CEO David Leckie told media the network had a new drama project in the works, declining to disclose any details but noting it was “fantastic.”

It would likely premiere in the second half of 2011.


  1. this is the best show ive seen 4 a long time on a sunday night and they shouldn’t take it off the air. i’ve wanted to be an actor 4 so long and these kind of shows r what would be best 4 me as i am always going to be in Oz, i ride, i grew up on a farm and i shoot guns any way so it makes me think that this show is amazing and i could possibly be on a show just like it or is there never going to be anither like thar again???

  2. If this show is dropped! I for 1 would really like to know why. Because I know myself a hell of a lot of people watch the show and really enjoy it and its based on australia.

  3. Very sorry to see Wild Boys go it was a great show. Daniel mcpherson was tremendous. I suppose we will have to suffer another re run and then watch the re run again on 72, 73 etc……
    I think all channel need new programes because I for one am sick of seeing reruns and pommy shows you all need help.

  4. I love the show Wild boys, its a true australian show and dan mcpherson and rest of the cast are incredible. Its a great story and its sad and a damn shame that channel 7 axed it.. it should be given a chance to have another season or 2..
    Its a great family show, and sure is a change from all the cop shows and american shows thats on..
    If Seven cant give it a fair go I sure hope another channel like Ten or Nine pick it up….

  5. If you ignore the historical inaccuracies this is a bloody good show. I love Dan, he is a real ratbag. I thought it was hillarious that he turns out to be the son of an Earl. It’s a pity this show is ending, Dan and Jack were Australia’s answer to Butch and Sundance. Perhaps another channel could take it on, or maybe someone could make Wild Boys movies. How about giving it one more season channel 7.

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