On (Summer) Hiatus

It's that time of year again....From today TV Tonight begins Summer Hiatus.

It’s that time of year again….

The ratings are done and dusted, the 2011 launches are over. From today TV Tonight begins Summer Hiatus, in sync with the winding down of news from the industry.

It’s been a long year of praising, slapping, questioning and having fun with TV in 2010.

A year when digital channels hit their stride, but HD became the elephant in the room. When bad boys were on the box, drama tossed up some left of field ideas (when they weren’t distracted by all those cops) and cooking copycats came from all corners.

It was a year when the Anti-Siphoning List split into two, new media bosses arrived, a scandal hit a nostalgic TV show, SBS chalked up 30 years, Nine bid farewell to Bendigo St, ABC News 24 arrived, we lost Adriana and The Bill, Sarah Murdoch wasn’t quite sure who won her reality show, and Charlie Sheen behaved like…. Charlie Sheen.

In truth the year isn’t over, so I will take stock of it more closely at the appropriate time. But I am  now hitting the “go slow” button until later in January. Think of it as dropping from fourth gear to first.

Long-term readers will know this means the site will effectively operate in weekend mode, which is stories in the morning and everything else can wait until the next day -unless it’s major news.

This may mean some delays in Comments approval and daily ratings. Your patience is appreciated during this time.

Weekends will be limited posts.

But fear not, there is still one eye on the box. There are still interviews and features to come across this time. There is still a place to share your passion for the telly. It will soon be time to open voting on the TV Tonight Awards 2010 too.

Meanwhile I am reaching for a Pina Colada and rolling out the hammock.

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  1. But David, Oprah is in town… you cannot take a break, it is big news lol 🙂

    On a serious note, enjoy your well earned break… I have been visiting tvtonight since day one, and will continue to do so for a long long time. You do, and will continue to do, a fantastic job here.

  2. Thanks for all your hard work David!! TV Tonight’s mix of news, opinion and subtle humour is fantastic.

    Actually, we don’t get enough opinion from you, aside from formal reviews and the occasional comment putting someone in their place. So yeah, work harder!! 😉

  3. So this is my third Summer Hiatus with TVTonight. – ah, memories! Thanks David for another great year, and Merry Chrimblemastude to all the sparring partners who provide great entertainment in the comments section including mac, Mack, Knox, Clint, Steven, Dr. Rudi, Craig and that army of Hey Hey fans who perplex me so. 🙂

  4. David, you’ve somehow managed to break the big stories and keep us across all the news we needed to hear, as well as wrangled this big, noisy family of TV tragics and kept us in line with humour and aplomb. Well done! You deserve many snoozes in the hammock and sunset bubbles.

  5. This has been my first full year with tv tonight and i’ve really enjoyed your constant updates on the world of television. Your work is very much appreciated. Thanks and all the best to you for the new year.

  6. Another stellar year David. Your site did it again. First or almost first with the news and gossip on everything tv. Your site is a very comprehensive one for tv news love it. Where did you get that picture it looks great hope you are actually sipping Pina Coladas and resting on the hammock. Have a great summer you deserve it great job again.

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