Airdate: Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol

The ABC has locked in its premiere of the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas special, set to air just hours after its UK broadcast.

This will be the first time Doctor Who has aired in Australia within 24 hours of the UK.

Fast-tracked to Australia a day after the UK broadcast, in a clever twist on the much loved A Christmas Carol, sees the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) return with his companion Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and her new husband Rory Williams (Arthur Darvill).

In the grand tradition of Doctor Who Christmas specials, this year’s show promises a stellar guest star line-up including veteran actor Michael Gambon (Harry Potter) and opera diva Katherine Jenkins, in her first acting role.

About the series, lead writer and executive producer, Steven Moffat, commented: “Oh, we’re going for broke with this one. It’s all your favourite Christmas movies at once, in an hour, with monsters and the Doctor and a honeymoon and – oh, you’ll see. I’ve honestly never been so excited about writing anything!”

The Christmas special follows on from Matt Smith’s first series as the Doctor, which attracted huge critical acclaim for Smith, his companion, Gillan, and lead writer Moffat, from the media and legions of fans alike.

It airs 7:30pm Sunday December 26th on ABC1.


  1. Geez Ben! There’s one of you in every blog- so darn negative! You have an irrational opposition to everything said here! You sure it’s DW you have a problem with? Too many boring hours on the computer perhaps?

  2. @Craig: Exactly. Not to mention how Doctor Who is made by the BBC’s Drama department rather than Children’s.

    @Ben: In regards to Power Rangers, it’s fair to say the recent Disney series’ have a more childish feel. Though looking back on the classic Saban era, it was aimed primarily at the adolescent target audience. And even if the original era were directed at kids, it would have been broadcast during a later time slot for the levels of violence.

  3. Barrie I personally didn’t like the “Kytanic” episode and thought it was over-wrought. Moffatt seems to have brought back the story-telling aspect and given up the emotional overload. Although having said that I am looking forward to Rusty’s episodes of Sarah Jane (the new series begins screening tomorrow night) on Nick!!

  4. Russel T Davies ruined the show by making the Doctor arrogant and having romantic flings with his companions.

    Moffat has at least tried to make the Doctor like he use to be.

  5. in defense of ben, i actually agree and have watched the recent series. one of my favourite xmas specials is the kylie minogue one. i loved russell t davies series which for the first time was aimed at adults but what moffet has done is turn it back into a childrens series. all the emotion that russell spent 4 years injecting into the series was wiped out last series.

  6. Tasmanian de√il

    @ Ben – I was looking for your comment because I knew it would be here. The only conclusion I can make is that you must be a devoted fan, since you always post the same comment on every Doctor Who article on this site.

  7. I think you will find that David and this site had the airdate first Sydney2k (well except for a couple of specialty Doctor Who facebook groups). The detailed plot has now been released too!!! The Radio Times has also shown pics of the BBC Xmas ident – with Matt smith in a santa hat with a shark-drawn sleigh!

  8. This was actually confirmed in the middle of last month- Limelight magazine, the culture magazine with ABC radio scheduled, had it listed for their ABC TV highlights for December. Limelight is out just after the middle of each month.

  9. matty the TV Guru

    As huge huge fan of Doctor Who I can’t wait to see the 2010 Christmas special just 24 hrs after the UK get to see.

    Thankyou ABC for fast tracking the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas Special.

  10. @Ben – Doctor Who is no ‘kids’ show and it one of the best scifi shows of all time, and if it was such a failure why have they been doing it ever since the show returned some 5 or 6 years ago? It’s one of the BBCs top rating shows, if you don’t like it go watch the millionth showing of what ever lame Christmas movie the commercial channels have lined up that night.

    I’ll be watching it on ABC this year!

  11. @Ben: Booo, take your arrogance somewhere else this story is for people who like Doctor Who and if you’d ever watched Doctor Who you wouldn’t say that.

  12. “It’s all your favourite Christmas movies at once, in an hour, with monsters and the Doctor and a honeymoon”

    That says it all, silly kid’s show. Might as well watch Power Rangers.

    Doctor Who + Xmas = Double Fail.

  13. For some reason I thought this aired on Boxing day in the UK, just did some checking (sorry David) and I was mistaken, always the 25th.

    Congrats to the ABC on getting it to air so quick this year and not a month later!

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