Airdate: What Do You Know?

ABC3’s newest game show for kids What Do You Know? begins later this month.

Hosted by Ben Crawley, it’s another show for Executive Producer Michael Boughen, (Deal or No Deal, Go Go Stop, Catch Phrase) who is currently producing Kitchen Whiz for Nine.

Contestants aged between 12-15 years are placed in two teams of three, each with a captain who has a real passion for a topic of their choice. The remaining two team members are the ‘brain trust’, with strengths in topics such as history, sport and pop culture.

Contestants have flown in from around Australia to battle it out during four rounds in the hope of winning the most points. The six teams with the highest scores at the end of the series make it into finals week – with the winning team taking home the What Do You Know? trophy.

The show also includes a resident DJ, Dr Rhythm.

It premieres Monday, December 27 at 7.10pm on ABC3.

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