Beaconsfield telemovie for Nine

Producer John Edwards plans a telemovie on the story of Todd Russell and Brant Webb, their wives and the rescue teams.

A telemovie on the Beaconsfield mining disasterwill be produced for the Nine Network.

The telemovie is one of six projects to receive funding from Film Victoria last week.

It will be produced by the prolific John Edwards (Rush, Tangle, Offspring, Spirited all of which have new seasons due) and written by screenwriter Judi McCrossin (The Surgeon, Tangle). Edwards is also developing a 2 part telemovie on the early days of Cleo for the ABC.

It will tell the story of Todd Russell and Brant Webb who were trapped in the mine shaft for 15 days and nights. Both signed deals with Nine following their rescue.

The story also follows the women left behind, the fight and dedication of the rescue teams.

The confirmation follows speculation in May 2009 that the project was in the works with names such as Eric Bana and Shane Jacobson on the rumour mill.

“The Beaconsfield project will be a high profile television feature for Southern Star Entertainment in 2011,” said Victoria’s new Innovation, Services and Small Business Minister Louise Asher.

The six drama and documentary projects announced are:

The Tale of Devil Island – wildlife biologist Nick Mooney and his team have hatched an audacious plan to save these devilishly delightful little critters from extinction.

Offspring Series 2 – continuing the story of obstetrician Nina Proudman, her boisterous family and her chaotic romances. (TEN)

Sporting Nation – a three-part documentary series celebrating Australia’s obsession with sport, with comedian John Clarke speaking to Australia’s legendary sporting heroes, amateur athletes and loudest fans, past and present. (ABC)

Phryne Fisher Murder Mystery – a thirteen episode murder mystery series based on the novels of Australian author Kerry Greenwood, set in 1920s Melbourne. (ABC)

Australia on Trial – explores the evolution of Australia through three important criminal trials, the Eureka Trail, the Mounts Rennie Rape Trial, and the Myall Creek Massacre Trial. (ABC)

Beaconsfield – expected to air on the Nine Network in 2011.

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  1. Looks like Perth actor Steve Innes landed the role of Todd Russell.
    His pic was in The West online last week.
    Looks somewhat like him I guess.
    Looks more like Russell Crowe though, back when he was in his prime.
    Both Russells are big boys and don’t think Innes is quite burly enough.
    Get into that beer and pizza Steve!
    No idea who is playing the other two.

  2. Great to see Film Vic supporting yet another John Edwards production. Here’s hoping the new CEO at Film Vic understands that if you starve Vicotrian producers out of existence this is what happens. Goodbye SS. You will not be missed.

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