But what happened to these shows?

AFP, The Marriage Ref and the David Hicks telemovie X-RAY were all promised for 2010 -so what happened?

Every year there’s a pile of shows that were promised to viewers, but never delivered.

This year they include AFP (Australian Federal Police), The Marriage Ref and the David Hicks telemovie X-RAY.

In the case of some shows, they may not have yet aired in the US. Others were packed in by their own creative team.

Nine always tops this list, because it has a habit of promising shows that get delayed or just never go before the cameras. This year at its programme launch it was leaner and meaner -hopefully avoiding topping this list next year. Several including AFP, Big and Panic at Rock Island will air in 2011.

Seven announced both the US and a local version of Seinfeld’s The Marriage Ref for 2010 -the US version is now tipped to air in 2011. Unlike Nine, Seven didn’t release much detail on 2010 content at the top of the year.

TEN kept almost entirely to its word, save for the end of year rethink by Rove McManus.

The ABC was careful in its wording of new shows, noting that all of these shows would either air in 2010 or go into production. X-RAY, the David Hicks telemovie is now off the boil after Hicks’ father lost interest in the project.

SBS continues to stall over a decision on Swift and Shift Couriers.

Here is the list as best I could ascertain. If you have any corrections, or additions, let me know!

Panic at Rock Island
S#*! My Dad Says
Mike & Molly,
Past Life,
The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show,
You’re Nicked,
When I Grow Up,
Gordon’s Great Escapes,
Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand,
Arranged Marriage,
What’s Good for You,
Money for Jam,
Whose Line is it Anyway,
Romantically Challenged,
This is Your Life,
Harry’s Law,
The Whole Truth,
Mr Sunshine,
Glory Daze,
The Hard Times of RJ Berger,

The Marriage Ref (Aus),
The Marriage Ref (US),


The Slap,
(Like a Virgin),
Angry Boys,
Outback Kids,

Swift and Shift Couriers, S2

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  1. Ben J, your post is dripping with irony. MTV – music television – you are exalting the virtues of a channel sticking with a program that by rights never belonged on that channel to begin with. Does anyone at MTV remember they used to actually be a music channel, as per their name? Even “MTV classic” has these reality shows on it – memory of a goldfish!

  2. I wonder if they TV stations could foul under “false advertising” laws? It’s irrelevant if we don’t pay money as viewers. They have TV licence conditions and should only advertise shows if they genuinely are going to show them near term (not a year in advance). TV licence laws seem to be a joke. How does Nine get away with showing a big segment of ACA on Cudo without disclosing they are part owners? Newspapers/Radio are expected to show their cards/indicate it as an ad?! Maybe something for you to cover as a topic David?

    BTW glad we don’t have to endure a David Hicks telemovie. Sick of hearing about him.

  3. Sorry, I don’t think the blogger has a bias to any particular network whatsoever. Don’t just read one story and declare the whole thing biased. That’s just ignorant. And what has been pointed out is backed up with evidence. I think that backs up the story better than some random poster having a gripe for some particular personal reason.

  4. Who’d want the Rove show to come back, as he was such an abysmal interviewer, plus its ratings had been tanking for quite a while, before it was axed.

    Dexter season 4 that Foxtel showed months ago, has been delayed by Ten, because they want to air it on Eleven, that Ten should’ve started 6 – 8 months ago. If somone is a huge Dexter show fan and don’t have Foxtel, they would have downloaded, plus season 4 is also out on Aus DVD. They’re like 2 years behind in Smallville and 90210 episodes, so Eleven should air double episodes of both shows for 7 months.

    1. Get a grip. I wrote that they were a good insight into TV deconstruction and I posted the clips for readers, many of whom replied positively. That’s not taking credit, that’s blogging TV news. But if I am going to be accused of having a “significant vendetta” against a network, then kindly acknowledge the range of stories rather than just targetting a week, which is why I reminded Jimbob of them. I actually give credit to sources in my stories. If we’re really about talking credit, then go and read some News Ltd stuff they published after me (Neighbours crew cuts, Warne last show at 9). Thanks.

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