Country Town Rescue for ABC

Zapruder’s Other Films will be a busy place next year with several new and returning shows on their slate for next year. At this rate they may have to start expanding their Chippendale offices.

On the back of all its new projects recently announced, it has another observational doco in production for the ABC, Country Town Rescue.

Producer Anita Jacoby talks to Mediaweek, Country Town Rescue expands on a concept that has been seen in some current affairs shows.

“Country Towns that were dying across Australia would look for old farmhouses and they would rent them out to people for $1 a week. And what that would do was re-energise a town. We’ve actually started filming in a town called Trundle in north western New South Wales, and we’re going to document the scheme over a year and that will go to air on the ABC in 2012,” she said.

The show has been advertising both nationally and internationally for people to rent houses for $1 a week. Shooting begins in February.

Jacoby also said a project known as Poppy, with Steve Curry is still under discussion and has not been commissioned. There is some speculation it may not be a Nine project, as reported by the Herald Sun.

You’ll also hear more about Can of Worms, AFP, Gruen Transfer, Hungry Beast and The Joy of Sets at Mediaweek here.

NB: Zapruder’s is also keen to hear from Series Producers looking for work, especially in entertainment.


  1. I love how media week said Tvtonight was reporting Poppy was with Nine (and it was you who were wrong), after Anita basically said it wasnt with Nine, when really it was Herald Sun who reported it was with Nine

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