Eddie ready for Million Dollar Money Drop

Eddie McGuire's next game show Million Dollar Money Drop is based on the Endemol format, Million Pound Drop which airs live in the UK.

Eddie McGuire’s next game show Million Dollar Money Drop is based on the Endemol format, Million Pound Drop which airs live in the UK.

FOX is about to launch a US version later this month.

In the US version, two contestants will be given $1 million in cash and must work as a team to answer seven quiz questions.

During each round, the contestants must risk their money either all on one answer – if they’re confident – or spread the betting across multiple answers to try and play it safe. Any money they bet on wrong answers disappears through the “money drop.”

After the seven questions are over, the contestants get to keep the money, if there’s any left.

A FOX spokesperson talked up the US version, saying the simplicity is it looks like you should be able to win this game.

“It’s nerve-wracking, more so than any game I’ve seen in last five years. It’s the first game show where every question is dramatic,” he says.



Source: Unrealityshout.com

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  1. Please tell me how I can get on this show I consider myself a very good trivia person but have never been given a chance because I live in Qld My sister and I would clean up in this game I am sure We have won every trivia comp we have entered Please tell me where to sign up

  2. Please tell me how to audition for this show, never tried to get on a game show, could be a once in a life time thing for us.

  3. I would like to know how you get on the show. I could really do with a break and a chance to win some money.Ive never won a compatition or a raffle.

  4. Looks interesting and has a degree of risk attached testing your nerve to back your judgement .I personally don’t have a problem with Eddie he has a certain innocence about him as well as a confidence in his own ability ,he makes the occasional misinterpretation of a word but mostly corrects himself in a matter of fact way .I would like to take part as I have interest in general knowledge I’am awaiting hope fully a call after audition for ‘Hot Seat”.

  5. $10 says the first 5-10 contestants will have been on other Eddie hosted game shows at one time or another. I’m a game show junkie but the only one I would really like to see brought over to Australia is Jeopardy. Will have to wait and see I suppose. As far as hosts go, Eddie is alot better than a certain A. O’Keefe and it’s not like they are putting Bert or Tony back in as a host. I think soemone like Ray Martin or Andrew Denton or maybe someone like Grant Goldman or Ray Hadley (thinking outside of the box and on the airwaves).

  6. What sort of time slot will it air?

    Sounds like a good show, it’ll be sad if it gets the shelf after 2 weeks. Game shows in prime time don’t get the audience they once used to.

  7. This show is awesome. I don’t usually look forward to any channel 9 show but i have seen the UK version and love it so i am hoping the same for this. Only wish Eddie Everywhere wasn’t involved. Wish they would bring some new talent to the fore. So over this person!

  8. I really like the look of this game….. I want to compete in it *fingers crossed!*

    David, any idea of when the call for contestants will start? (and will it be in Melbourne?)

  9. I wonder if Nine have ever run some market research on how popular Eddie actually is – every single person I know can’t bear him! I really can’t believe they’re giving him yet another job on air. Do they have no one else they could put forward? A woman, perhaps??! Oh hang on, it’s Channel 9 we’re talking about …

  10. I felt disappointed as soon as I found out it’s just going to be another one of those dark open studio type game shows like Shafted, 1 vs 100, etc. because there’s been enough of them already.
    It does remind me of Shafted a bit. Wonder will this show have the same lifespan on Nine as Shafted did?

    Also, I think Channel 9 should be called “Channel Eddie”, surely they have other personalities to host different shows don’t they?

  11. Sounds vaguely interesting, but Channel 9 really need to find a new host for these kinds of shows. The fact that Eddie will be hosting means that I won’t be watching.

  12. i might have watched it but since eddie is hosting it i wont how about some new talent channel 9 actually it sounds a littile bit like the short lived shafted to me the way that the money drops in shafted the contestants dropped i actually didnt mind shafted

  13. Doesn’t look like a total turkey! A different host would’ve been better though, Eddie Everywhere doesn’t doesn’t cut it for me, so I won’t give it a go for that reason alone.

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