Gone: Without A Trace, Better With You. Returning: CSI: Miami

Bunch of summer changes from Nine:

RBT replaces Motorway Patrol at 7pm Sundays.

Nine may never get to the end of Without a Trace after pulling it from Sunday night. It ran a double episode of Chase instead.

The Mentalist now repeats at 8:30 Sunday and Mondays.

Meanwhile sitcom Better With You on Wednesdays is out. It is replaced with a Customs repeat.

Cold Case repeat at 8:30pm is out, replaced by new CSI: Miami


  1. I know this is a bit late but it’s sad that Nine would rather remove new run shows for re-runs at this time of year. I didn’t like Better with You at first but have been catching up with it over the break and I like it now, it’s one of the better new sitcoms out there. maybe not to the level of Modern Family or Big Bang Theory but it’s got it’s own charms.

    This doesn’t give me much hope some of the other new shows Nine has lined up for 2011 will do better.

  2. I think this is the worst summer tv season ever! There’s nothing on except repeats of shows I didn’t watch the first time they were on or else the 3rd time a repeat of the Mentalist is on!

  3. I have watched “Without a Trace” from the beginning and loved it. Having 2 Aussies starring in the show was a bonus.
    I’d really love to see the remaining episodes sometime, please.

  4. I so love “Cold Case” and “Without A Trace”
    I don’t care if they’re repeats … I will watch… again & again.
    Please Channel 9, give us as many episodes of both as you can.
    We don’t care if they’re repeats … we just love both shows.

  5. I can’t belive it. I really liked Better with You and thought that Without a Trace was better than the other procedural offerings. Please channel nine, give them another go, but not on GO! please.

  6. I’ve been letting my list of shows dwindle down by not adding in any new ones because I know that there will be heaps when 11 starts up. Do what you want 9, I’m switching to 11 and very excited about it.

  7. Not happy!!! I enjoyed “better with you”. I love “cold case” and was looking forward to seeing “without a trace” last night. Not interested in any of the shows replacing them. Nine is run by a pack of morons!!!!

  8. It’s summer, they obviously don’t care about ratings because they put crap on air, why not at least show first run crap rather than crap repeats?? Of the new sitcoms Nine has Better With You is actually the best one. S#it My Dad Says is woeful, and Mike and Molly is decent, surprisingly for a Chuck Lorre show, but isn’t great.

  9. makes you wanna give up even checking a tv programme! I sat up last night to watch Without A Trace and was disappointed Again by Channel 9’s last minute programme changes……why oh why do they even bother putting out a tv programming guide when they change it from day to day

  10. I remember when summer used to be seeing all the shows I loved because they didn’t rate well enough. Now I can’t even see them at bloody 10.30pm! Who cares about ratings that late at night?

  11. Hmm, Without a trace – have not watched that in ages.
    Chase – so far it is still worth watching.
    Better with you – have them recorded but have not watched them yet, what do others think of it?

  12. Found this out last night re RBT and my Ice guide was still showing (new) Motorway patrol.

    RBT ,although I enjoy, was a repeat! Guess cant expect much else this time of year. But it would be nice.

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