Hey Hey -the elephant in the room

At today’s 2011 Programming launch Nine announced most of its big new shows for next year -but neglected to renew Hey Hey it’s Saturday.

Fans have been hoping for some clarity ever since host Daryl Somers told them on air to “ask a journalist” about it’s future.

So TV Tonight put the question to a Nine spokesperson who has clarified the state of play: there is still no decision.

Somers and Nine Programmer Michael Healy are due to have discussions next week regarding its future.

Outside of Melbourne the show has problems, but there is still affection for the show within Nine.

One source said the fact the show was not announced today isn’t encouraging, but there is still a 50 / 50 shot of renewal.

Nine could only announce what it had locked in today and Hey Hey is currently TBA.


  1. To channels 10 and 7, here is a great show you can poach of nine and lets bring back live entertainment. Imagine hey hey after masterchef on a Sunday night. What a ratings bonanza that would be. Please to all network executives we need light entertainment like this. And people of this talent dont come along too often. Take a risk and take this show on. It will rate its socks off given a chance.

  2. Please Channel nine I beg of you. Keep this show alive. Its light hearted and such a pleasant change from the American crap re-runs. And nooooooo….we dont want another cooking show where the contestants burn the toast and then they all start crying. Think of Hey Hey as a timeless capsule. Please keep this show going. Even if its once a month.

  3. Lets face facts, Nine are not interested in the viewing audience they are only interested in looking after their own selfish interests which are all self biased. As far as promoting Aussie shows and talent, what a joke it does not make the network their outrages profits. Hey Hey like all shows has its ups and downs, infact it has more ups than it does downs, you only have to go back over history to see how long the show has been running for compared to the yank crap that is shown today (here today gone tomorrow.)

  4. Love it or hate it, all the speculation about Hey Hey’s future just goes to show how much it still matters to people. I think it was disadvantaged from the get go with the decision to air it on Wednesday nights – there’s just too much competition. It’s a great fit for Saturdays, especially as there’s never anything else worth watching on! My US husband thinks it’s kind of sad that I see Hey Hey as a lovely background program, but I think it’s great to have something on that’s entertaining even if you don’t stay glued on the set.

    I’d hate to see anything changed. Daryl is Hey Hey. Those nostalgic segments still stack up. And we all know how much the program’s done for the Australian entertainment industry, and even what it’s done to expose the local market to international acts.

    Listen to the controversy Channel Nine. Do you think anyone would care either way if you took any of your other programs off air? This is the one that gets people talking, which can only be a good thing whether they’re bagging it or showing their support. Surely with three channels you can find at least one for Hey Hey!!

  5. @JimboK,

    I agree with you. Some people can’t see a quality TV presenter…Daryl is one of those people. He is filled with knowledge and still makes us laugh at home, but some people can’t stand him. I love Daryl, he is fantastic, and will always be the host.

    If someone else come in to host the show, 1. who would it be, no one good enough? 2. Everyone would complain and would be begging Daryl to come back.

    Stop bagging Daryl.

    Yes I would be happy with either 12 episodes a year (one per month), 10 in ratings weeks, 2 out.

    or 20 episodes split into two seasons.

    If they do an episode per month, I would want Channel Nine to have like a 3 year contract on the show.

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