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Update: TEN pays tribute to the late Leslie Nielsen this Friday night with a double feature, Flying High and Naked Gun.

A reminder that TEN pays tribute to the late Leslie Nielsen this Friday night with a double feature, Flying High and Naked Gun.

Many readers have noted his body of work in an earlier story, published here.

They will be introduced by entertainment reporter, Angela Bishop.

8:30 pm Flying High! (Aka: Airplane!) 1h45m
10:15 pm Naked Gun From The Files Of Police Squad!, The 1h45m
12:00 am Sports Tonight 30m
12:30 am The Late Show With David Letterman 1h

Update: GO! also plays Superhero Movie at 10:30pm Thursday night.

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  1. I love Leslie Nielsen and Flying High is possible the funniest movie I have ever seen, I even own the DVD. But I will miss Go Girls. I am hoping they won’t omit the episode and it will be on next week.

  2. It was called “Flying High” so as to not confuse it with the “Airport” movies still going at the time (“Airport 80 – The Concorde” had been released in Australia in late 1979, “Flying High” released late 1980 in this country).

    I know on the visits Leslie made to Australia (1989 and 1994), he was asked about why it was called “Flying High” and mentioned this fact above–he also said he prefered “Flying High” as a title over “Airplane!” because you could sense what kind of movie you were in for.

    Also trivia nobody has mentioned — Leslie Nielsen and Raquel Welch appeared together on stage at the end of the 1989 Logies with gold Logie winner Daryl Somers, predating a similar appearance in “Naked Gun 331/3” 5 years later.

    David Zucker wrote a very moving tribute to Leslie and memories of their work together — it is now online and would urge fans to check it out.

  3. Great, looking forward to it.

    Leslie: Stewardess – what did everyone have for dinner tonight?
    Stewardess: There were two choices – steak or fish.
    Leslie: Yes I remember.. I had lasagna.

    Simple jokes but done so well.

  4. I remember when he appeared on hhis as a guest judge on red faces. While he was giving his scores etc. He ekpt on breaking wind. Every one was laughing at what was a very embarrassing situation. He appeared to ignore them and just kept on talking. AT
    t the end of red faces it turned out he had this little hand held device , that made very realistic farting noises. How he kept that dead pan face while doing it is beyond me. A mark of a true comedian.

  5. Ticky says: December 1, 2010 at 7:54 am
    Flying High? Who the hell calls it that?

    Well, considering this is an Australian website for the Australian market, I would say Everyone !?

  6. Wish they would show Dracula – Dead and Loving It. With the plethora of vampire related TV shows and movies they would be mad not to show it and show up the vampire related TV shows and movies.

  7. Ticky: Flying High was the name that Airplane was released under in Australia, Japan and New Zealand. I’m not sure why that was the case… maybe Airplane just sounded too American for those markets…

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