Next Top Model contract goes to….

Exclusive: Season Seven of Australia’s Next Top Model will be produced by Shine Australia in conjunction with Sarah Murdoch’s Room 329 Productions.

Shine’s winning of the contract follows a call for submissions following a decision not to renew the brand with Granada Australia.

It won the right to produce the series after FremantleMedia Australia and Southern Star Endemol were two of three short-listed production houses. SSE is understood to have had concerns about the terms of the contract and withdrew their interest.

Shine Australia’s bid will openly align host and Executive Producer Sarah Murdoch with her sister-in-law Elisabeth Murdoch, who owns parent company Shine International.

Shine Australia has had a strong debut year of production muscling its way into the independent production sector under former FMA bosses Mark and Karl Fennessy. It has enjoyed everything from hits such as Junior MasterChef to misses such as The Boss is Coming to Dinner.

Granada Australia produced ANTM for six seasons before its 2010 finale suffered a major technical hiccup that resulted in Murdoch naming the wrong winner of the show. She later admitted no name had been supplied at the crucial moment, so she announced the last name she had been given.


  1. It will be interesting to see what shine adds to the format, for me there was nothing wrong with they way granada did, for the type of the show it was in my opionon was one of the best executed in the industry

  2. @jmgirl- “shiny floor” means studio based, ANTM is shot 90% in the field, they only enter studio for Elimination. So in that respect, it’s more on a par with such Shine hits as The Boss Is Coming To Dinner.

  3. @jmgirl I wouldn’t call this a shiny floor format (save for the finale) most of it is on location shoots halfway up a building or on a farm, or standing ontop of amountain in fur.

  4. I disagree, of the 3 in consideration shine has the worst track record. Iron chef and the boss is coming to dinner didn’t rate well and don’t stop believing axed very early in the piece. Fremantle has the best track record especially with reality, and star does a great job with beauty and the geek. I really don’t think dumping Granada was necessary.

  5. Let’s face it – this is Shine’s terrain – high quality shiny floor formats. No-one does that stuff better, not only in Oz but arguably anywhere else.

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