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Nine News is giving viewers the chance to chat with Sydney News presenter Peter Overton,  Melbourne news presenter Peter Hitchener  and Sydney sports presenter Ken Sutcliffe live via facebook on a video stream tomorrow night at 6.40 Syd/Melb time.

The stream will take place from TCN-9 with all 3 presenters taking questions from its facebook page ( There will also be a camera in the control room so people can ask TCN9 director Wayne O’Donnell any questions.

Nine’s behind the scenes YouTube videos have been a clever marketing ploy, attracting good feedback about the way a news bulletin is put to air.

The stream will last approx 20 minutes on Ninemsn and its Facebook page, which are both taking questions.

First question from me…. what’s the deal with Michael Venus, please?


  1. I like to say our hearts and prays go out to those people who lost everything and loves one in the floods.. Im so blessed the floods didnt come to regents park.. im only 20mins away from the city..god bless all those peoples..from estrella exposito..

  2. Trish Robinson

    hi there im sending my prayes and blessings to every one, in the floods and im so sorry this has happened to you, i have cryed a few times my heart is harting so.

    im in woy woy and we carnt get home to Lismore because of the floods down the coast from Lismore and graften my boys are up there but they are safe thanks to our God and Lord, if there is any thing i can do please ask mme and i will do any thing i can to help those in need bless you all , Trish Robinson

  3. cathleen edwards

    for scratches and wounds for the flood victims who cant get to medical assistance. Mercurochrome solution will stop infection. its only 4 dollars a bottle and will go a long way.. it saved a lot of our diggers in the war. for the diarrhea from bad water it can be corrected by pantothenic acid. with potassium, magnesium A> C> E> all the B Vitamins. to offset the stress associated with the emotional trama.. my prayes go out to all those who are affected. these nutrients should be emphasized for the water will cause inflamation of the intestines and these nutrients should be given to those who have suffered severe stress. the best nutrition possible combined with good psychotherapy undoubtedly yields the speediest recovery. god bless my thoughts are with those when feelings such as worry, causes the inflammation. good results can be expected.

  4. can the news do more coverage of the northern rivers new south wales like the towns grafton tabulam n surroundin areas, coz i mi self hav family in those towns & @ the moment i’m in maitland plz.

  5. im looking for hi ground at chambers flat qld to put sume horses as my morthers house is about to be washed out as the logan is ring faster then we cam move
    so call me on 0400640071

  6. randwick geoff

    Sorry Peter, but i think your news program has become real rubbish – most of the content really isnt news anymore, and should be on ACA instead – take Peter Harvey playing Santa Claus – Not News !

  7. I just became a fan of the Facebook page.I know in most states the news struggles but in Victoria that’s a different story with great newsreaders,reporters,weather presenters,leaves Channel 7 news in Victoria something to think about

  8. Can I get in early and ask “Wayne” – Why do you persist on having those stupid and annoying Asian-style sound effects and transitions to “Live” (be it from the GTV9 roof or from the carpark)? One reason why I no longer watch 9 News.

  9. Wow! How innovative and original! Just like Katie Couric and CBS News did eighteen months ago … Melbourne Peter and Ken should be good and insightful but I think Sydney Peter will not – possibly be the only chance he gets to tlak to people.

  10. Paull clearly that’s not a question, and even if it was, I don’t see how a presenter, or a director would be able to help you.

    That said, nice try Nine, but we still don’t care about you and attempts at claiming you’re still ‘the one’…

  11. First question: Bring back a high-definition version of your channel.. please.. we’re begging you, the nanny can wait, or move to go. Speaking of GO, why not transfer the Seinfeld repeats over to GEM, after all, the version of seinfeld airing on GO is the ‘HD remastered version’ and nine are then downscaling it to sd.

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