Nine promising “big surprise”

What big announcement, to be made shortly, is Nine hinting at?

Maybe I am overreacting, but I thought this is something you guys could have a little fun with…

At the end of Nine’s 2011 launch tomorrow in Sydney, there could be something extra-special being unveiled.

Nine Managing Director Jeffrey Browne has personally told me in the last week -not once but twice- that there will be a “big surprise” announced at the end of the launch.

The impression I get is that it’s not just a new show to be revealed.

Hmmmmmm…..I don’t really see how it can be a new channel. So is the primary channel switching to HD? Is TCN going to move house? Is Charlie Sheen going to make a personal appearance and apologise for his indiscretions and relentless repeats (which quite frankly are also indiscretions)?

You guys are always great with theories, so over to you….

Update: The surprise is PBL Media group rebrands as Nine Entertainment Co.

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  1. After it’s poor showing, maybe Nein! will do an Australian version of Top Gear actually hosted by Clarkson, Hammond & May? Nein! have the cashola to make it happen and Nein! used to do Australian versions of popular British shows like with Frost and Parkinson.

  2. It won’t be a new logo. Nine just removed the historic TCN 9 signage at the front gate and replaced it with one depicting the current logo. Whatever it is it won’t be anything original. There hasn’t been an original idea out of Nine since Kerry departed. Perhaps the canteen menu is being updated?

  3. Hey Hey It’s Saturday has been picked-up by NBC, and Daryl is the new (and first)regular host of Saturday Night Live. A Current Affair has been voted the most insightful program anywhere on the planet; Eddie Maguire has been recruited as a running mate for Sarah Palin’s tilt at the Presidency; Nine News now replacing BBC World as a 24-hours rolling one-stop-shop for the whole planet’s news’ source; 2.5 Men finally revealed as a North Korean plant to brainwash stupid tv viewers into thinking that American sitcoms can be humourous; Bert Newton gets new show.

    I’m betting on the latter.

  4. Don’t forget TG now supersized 5 times a week 30 minutes more show with 10 minutes of actual show + 20 minutes extra of advertisments.

    2.5 Men now on 24 hours a day on Gem

    Also, Warnie now on twice a week with Eddie hosting an IQ test show to test Warnie and Rove for who can ask the most intelligant questions to their guests and whois tv show is the crappiest!!

    The cricket commentary team won’t be plugging sponsors anymore, such as the Betfair bloke in the stands who gives the odds. They will also get rid of tea time rubbish that they ran for the last test with Healy and the blatent Vodafone plug comp with Kerry O’keefe, no idea why he got involved in that with 9.

  5. I’m guessing new logo, and I am still wondering about that Promo on WIN when it mentions nine and win in the same promo. Maybe dual branding like Prime and southern cross ten do is on the way as well !

  6. headline #1- James Packer will buy 51 % of PBL and announce that King Kennedy is back form the dead and is really a Scientologist and alive and will host HHIS 2011 and read the news and host 47 minutes.

    they sold the Artarmon site and will relocate Luna park there, keep the tower and set up a giant slide to send the boned celebrities into space.

  7. with the ratings 2.5men has been getting for the last few months at 7:00 surely their standards haven’t dropped that far tat they are just going to roll with it for another year. i’d say the 2.5men replacement will be the announcement. maybe combine the two main predictions and have it as hamish and andys new show at 7:00??

    it would line up as it has been said this time of the year is the most likely for H&A to announce which network they are going to.

  8. I think I know what it is:
    One day a week will be ‘Underbelly Day’, with Eddie hosting back-to-back reruns of Underbellies Series 1-5, followed by all-new ’20-1 Favourite Underbelly Episodes’ with Bert, and then “Underbelly – the Block”, where well known crims have to build safe houses and drug factories as Scott Cam looks on with the new stunned-mullet look he recently pioneered.

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