Nine promising “big surprise”

What big announcement, to be made shortly, is Nine hinting at?

Maybe I am overreacting, but I thought this is something you guys could have a little fun with…

At the end of Nine’s 2011 launch tomorrow in Sydney, there could be something extra-special being unveiled.

Nine Managing Director Jeffrey Browne has personally told me in the last week -not once but twice- that there will be a “big surprise” announced at the end of the launch.

The impression I get is that it’s not just a new show to be revealed.

Hmmmmmm…..I don’t really see how it can be a new channel. So is the primary channel switching to HD? Is TCN going to move house? Is Charlie Sheen going to make a personal appearance and apologise for his indiscretions and relentless repeats (which quite frankly are also indiscretions)?

You guys are always great with theories, so over to you….

Update: The surprise is PBL Media group rebrands as Nine Entertainment Co.

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  1. wow! so many comments!, I think the surprise is just they (nine) have signed someone from Channel Seven or the boring Today show moving to melbourne?. I just hope that this big surprise is really worth all the hype.

  2. @Josh – I think you’ve been had, mate. If there was a shred of credibility to that claim (HD switching to Seven’s main channel) I think we would have heard something from Seven *officially* by now, or they would have had the claim pulled from FB.

    Plus, if they were to keep 7 as both SD and HD while also retaining 72 & 73, it wouldn’t be true HD as they don’t have the bandwidth. It could happen but prob not.

  3. Perhaps the surprise could be Channel 9 team up with rival networks Ch 10 & Ch 7 to launch a joint TV Channel with 1st run premiers of TV shows never before seen in Australia.

  4. Really its Jamie Durie… please a wash up on a multi-million dollar deal is the “big surprise”? I couldn’t be less excited, there is already too many make over shows, do we really need another?

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