Nine promising “big surprise”

What big announcement, to be made shortly, is Nine hinting at?

Maybe I am overreacting, but I thought this is something you guys could have a little fun with…

At the end of Nine’s 2011 launch tomorrow in Sydney, there could be something extra-special being unveiled.

Nine Managing Director Jeffrey Browne has personally told me in the last week -not once but twice- that there will be a “big surprise” announced at the end of the launch.

The impression I get is that it’s not just a new show to be revealed.

Hmmmmmm…..I don’t really see how it can be a new channel. So is the primary channel switching to HD? Is TCN going to move house? Is Charlie Sheen going to make a personal appearance and apologise for his indiscretions and relentless repeats (which quite frankly are also indiscretions)?

You guys are always great with theories, so over to you….

Update: The surprise is PBL Media group rebrands as Nine Entertainment Co.

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    1. In business these things are no doubt exciting to execs, and perhaps it was ambitious of me to run a remark as a stand-alone story to viewers. But you just never know, and I did preface the story with some caution. I often try to invest a little fun into the industry, so tick this as one of those moments. I reckon we’ve all moved on now and can focus on the Programming. Thanks for playing!

  1. How typically underwhelming of Nine. They are obviously having a bit of a laugh because at the end of their media release they say “Nine, the Home of the most respected News and Current Affairs”. It really is the start of the silly season.

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