Oakes, O’Brien win at Walkleys

Nine News Political Editor Laurie Oakes last night won the 2010 Gold Walkley Award.

The accolade followed his two major stories broken during the Federal Election, that Julia Gillard had reneged on a deal with Kevin Rudd about a leadership challenge, and that she had opposed paid parental leave and pension rises.

Walkley Award judges commented: “The question Laurie Oakes put to Julia Gillard was inescapable – it was like a half-nelson. Showing the depth of sources at his disposal, the Canberra veteran trumped everybody and totally derailed the election campaign.”

Earlier in the evening he won the Walkley for Television News Reporting.

The Walkleys also paid tribute to Kerry O’Brien with a Leadership award, and he also claimed the Walkley for best interview for his interviews on The 7:30 Report with Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott.

All Media: International Journalism
Mary Ann Jolley and Andrew Geoghegan, ABC TV, Foreign Correspondent, “Fly away children”.

Television: Television News and Current Affairs Camera
Neale Maude, ABC TV, Four Corners, “A careful war”

Television: Television Current Affairs, Feature, Documentary or Special (more than 20 minutes)
Sophie McNeill and Geoff Parish, SBS TV, Dateline, “Questions from Oruzgan”

Television: Television Current Affairs Reporting (less than 20 minutes)
Fouad Hady and Ashley Smith, SBS TV, Dateline, “Iraq’s deadly legacy”

All Media: Investigative Journalism
Linton Besser, The Sydney Morning Herald, “The wrong stuff”

All Media: Broadcast and Online Interviewing
Kerry O’Brien, ABC TV, The 7.30 Report, “The Rudd and Abbott interviews”

All Media: Coverage of Indigenous Affairs
Martin Butler and Bentley Dean, ABC TV, Contact

Journalism leadership
Kerry O’Brien, ABC TV presenter, The 7.30 Report

Gold Walkley / Television News Reporting
Laurie Oakes, Nine Network, “Labor leaks”.


  1. It is sad Laurie oakes is rewarded for anything in Journalism. He stopped being a Journalist years ago and firmly believes he is a “player”, allowing nothing to get in the way of his over inflated ego. Forget the awards, sack him!!

  2. I would have given Laurie and award for being the most biased and grumpy reporter for the whole year.

    If you thought his behaviour during the election was acceptable, I worry for you.

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