Oprah on top in Sydney

Sydney is all but ready for two Oprah Winfrey shows tomorrow, but a maritime strike threatens to upset carefully laid plans.

Maritime workers in charge of setting up an exclusion zone around the site are threatening to walk off the job over pay and working conditions. If action goes ahead, maritime workers will not deploy the buoys necessary to ensure an exclusion zone at the Opera House is respected while filming takes place. Talks will take place today.

Australia will now feature in four episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

“We have almost 200 people here. I would say that that turned out to be a really smart decision, to keep all our teams intact with people who know how to do it and do it the way Oprah likes it overnight, and have a shorthand with each other,” Harpo executive producer Sheri Salatasaid told The Australian.

“And then for all of us, internally, to be having this experience together, it really does feel like a once in a lifetime in the middle of our final season. I don’t think anyone will forget it, really.”

Winfey and all 302 audience members have been soaking up the sights of the Harbour city.

The Daily Telegraph reports Winfrey and friends climbed the Harbour Bridge Walk on Sunday. Winfrey reached the summit with friend Gayle King, security detail and viewers about 10.30am. A giant “O” hung below them.

She’d expressed fear at facing the steep climb, but her ear-to-ear smile said it all when she was snapped at the apex by a circling helicopter.

She also visited Bondi’s famed Icebergs Dining Room for lunch.

Sunday’s events followed an official welcome reception for her team on Saturday night.

Source: ABC, The Australian, Daily Telegraph
photo: harpo productions


  1. I think it is great that Oprah is here the publicity and tourism it will bring with intern bring money to Australia and maybe create extra job etc, etc. Sure Tax payers money has gone towards it but so has Harpo money.

    For the comments of how does she help people maybe they should watch a few shows to see the results of her Angel Network which does everything from starting College scholorships to buying homes for people and a whole bunch inbetween.

    @Andy 11:16, half your luck I hope you have a great day.

  2. Armchair Analyst

    This trip is just a big holiday for Oprah and her disciples, nothing more. Once again she wouldn’t be hear if it wasn’t for the Tax payers of Sydney and NSW. Personally i would have loved if Dr Phil was coming at least his shows would have helped people unlike this circus which is currently unfolding.

  3. I know that most of the people who will comment on this post will be deeply critical of Oprah and her entire trip to Australia and every thing she does while she is here, however I have tickets to her evening show tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it. I am not some obsessed freak fan of her’s. Just a fan.

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