Renewed: Tangle

After picking up an AFI Award, Showtime announces a third season approval for critically acclaimed drama series, Tangle.

Showtime Australia has commissioned a third season of its acclaimed drama series Tangle.

Justine Clarke, Catherine McClements and Kat Stewart are confirmed for the third season to begin production in June 2011.

Season Three will pull apart and look at just how the generations separate from one another and how the ties of family are stretched.

The news follows the series picking up an AFI Award on Saturday for actress Catherine McClements.

“With Cloudstreet to debut in 2011 and Tangle Season 3 to film in June, we are continuing our commitment to giving the creative community the challenges of producing world-class drama that resonates with the audience of today,” said Showtime Australia CEO, Peter Rose.

Executive Producer for Showtime Australia, Kim Vecera said: “We were proud of series one, prouder of series two and series three will be a great ambition realised.”

Tangle is produced by John Edwards and Imogen Banks with Executive Producer, Kim Vecera for Showtime Australia. It will be written by Fiona Seres and Tony McNamara and directed by Stuart McDonald (Spirited) and Emma Freeman (Hawke, Love My Way). It is being produced with investment by AUSTAR.

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  1. @Stephen. Offspring will film from January to April so no clash there for Kat Stewart.
    As For Catherine Mcclements, as she is part of an ensemble in both and usually only does 1 day a week for her work on Rush she should be fine to do both at the same time as was the case with season 1 of Tangle and season 1 of Rush.

  2. Great news. IMHO this is the best Australian drama series Ever. The ABC will never make anything this bold and brave because it needs to be commissioned by grown-ups. If you’ve spent your entire career hiding in the public sector you are an infant.

  3. I wouldn’t say Pay TV dramas are hidden away, at least not anymore, shows like “Tangle” and “Spirited” are doing very well for themselves, Satisfaction did well when it was on. They do very well in DVD sales and get heavily repeated which balances it out from FTA dramas

    I would say that drama on Showtime is probably more hidden then the ones on the foxtel channels because showtime is a extra add on that a lot of people don’t have, similar to HBO in many ways

  4. @ Russell, i totally agree with you. I have actually bought it on DVD as don’t have pay TV. I would rather if ABC or SBS picked it up because the other stations cannot be trusted and will definitely stuff it around.

    Why is the good Aussie drama’s hidden away on pay TV?? It’s sad really as they are fantastic, 500 million times better than Packed to the Rafters! Commercial TV is too scared to pick up these types of shows, goodness knows why.

    Commercial TV is a joke, Which is why i no longer watch any of it!!

    I do miss Ben Mendelsohn’s character, he is an absolutely fantastic actor so underrated, and so hot!

  5. And here i was thinking it wasn’t coming back, but I’m confused as to how there going to film this, if it starts filming in june, wouldn’t Kat Stewart and Catherine McClements be filming Rush and Offspring at that time?

  6. Shame that hardly anybody gets to see this Showcase series (Tangle, Satisfaction, Cloudstreet)

    Really would be great if one of the digital networks like ABC2, 7TWO or Gem picked up the repeat rights

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