Returning: Come Dine with Me Australia

Season Three of Come Dine with Me Australia comes to The LifeStyle Channel in January

Season Three of  Come Dine with Me Australia comes to The LifeStyle Channel in January.

It will screen over four weeks as everyday Australians battling it out for the title of the ultimate dinner party host.  James Valentine returns to narrate the series with his cheeky style.

“Series three looks like a food show, smells like a food show, but it’s really a kind of group therapy session with the bonus of a home cooked meal,” he said. “It gives you the opportunity to have dinner with people you would normally cross the road to avoid. There’ll be some people you love, some people you can’t stand; there’ll be food to die for and food that looks fatal.”

The 20-part half-hour series is produced by Granada Media Australia.

It screens weeknights at 8.30pm from Monday January 17th.

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  1. Russell this has been it’s timeslot since season 1. Don’t forget you have +2 and an encore graveyard screening. They also showed it Saturday nights with all five episodes back to back.

    I loved season 1. The first week of season 2 was great but lost it’s spark for the remaining 3 weeks.

  2. An original lifestyle series stripped 830 weeknights?

    That’s an interesting programming move – any info on the programming behind this David?

    No doubt it’s a huge rater for LifeStyle so they must be looking to boost their Jan ratings big time

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