SBS brings more food to the table

SBS has announced new food shows with both new commissions and international acquisitions for SBS ONE and SBS TWO in 2011.

Matt Campbell, Director of TV and Online Content, said: “SBS has a huge breadth of food content coming up in 2011 and I’m delighted that we continue to attract such high profile talent to the network. On SBS ONE our Thursday food night has driven a 78% increase in average audience. SBS continues to do what no other channel does, providing a unique perspective on food through cultural exploration that resonates with audiences.”

SBS Online is also set to launch the Foodies Guide – a searchable database of information about where to source food produce, products and services in Sydney and Melbourne.


My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita (6×25) sees acclaimed chef Peter Kuruvita, of Flying Fish Sydney, take a journey through the unique food, colourful culture and deep history of Sri Lanka. He relives his childhood years on this lush green island and shares intimate and evocative memories, and family recipes handed down from his aunties and grandmothers. My Sri Lanka with Peter Kuruvita is made by The Precinct for SBS.

SBS has commissioned French Food Safari (6×25). Filming for the first time on location in France as well as in Australia, French Food Safari sees chef Guillaume Brahimi (Guillaume at Bennelong, Bistro Guillaume) join Maeve O’Meara to showcase the excitement, technique and tradition of French cuisine. French Food Safari is made for SBS by Kismet Productions.

Australia’s toughest food critic Matthew Evans is back for a second series of Gourmet Farmer (10×25). Series one saw Matthew chuck in his city life for a taste of the small farm living in Tasmania. In series two there have been a few changes – Matthew takes on pig farming, wild feasts and fatherhood. Matthew has found love and his new wife and baby have moved in on the farm. The importance of making his new life work will take on a whole new meaning. Series one of Gourmet Farmer recently picked up Highly Commended at the Australian Food Media Awards 2010 for the Best Television Food Segment Award. Gourmet Farmer is made by Essential Media for SBS.

Chef, TV personality and best-selling author Anthony Bordain comes to SBS ONE with his Emmy award winning series Anthony Bordain: No Reservations. The proud New Yorker explores every corner of the globe through food encountering the weird and wonderful cultures and cuisines the world has to offer providing a glimpse of a wider view of how people live their lives in faraway lands and unfamiliar territories.


The popular format Come Dine With Me comes to SBS TWO with international version Come Dine With Me: Greece premiering on the channel. Broadcast in-language with English subtitles, the show sees either four amateur chefs competing against each other hosting a dinner party for the other contestants.

In other new content, Singapore Flavours will take viewers on a culinary tour to Tokyo, Calcutta, San Francisco, London, Beijing, and many more. Every week, the program will investigate the popularity of one local dish in three foreign cities, with each segment presented by a different host. The host will visit restaurants and check if the dish retains its authenticity or has been modified to suit foreign tastes.

Mexican actor Andres Garcia, Jr travels across the US and explores new ways of cooking traditional Latin foods in New Latin Cuisine. He takes a look at what is happening to the gastronomy of a culture exposed more and more to the influences of a worldwide audience, and how it is being transformed.

Based on the successful American series Take Home Chef, featuring Australian chef Curtis Stone, Take Home Chef: South America (in Spanish with English subtitles) sees handsome and sexy young chef Rodrigo Cascón approach regular people in the supermarket, check out what they are planning for dinner, then go back to their home to help them cook it. After getting up to speed on their culinary habits, he helps them improve whatever they’re planning to serve that night and then surprises the family as they come home to eat.

In Sarah Wiener and the Kitchen Kids, Sarah has gathered together 12 youngsters from all over Europe, aged 12 to 14, to pass on her passion for cooking and food. The setting for their adventure is an old country house in the Var region, in Provence, Southeast France. The future cooks have left behind the internet, their MP3s, fast food and frozen pizzas for four whole weeks. Sarah’s objective is to teach her young recruits how to eat more healthily and how to have fun cooking.


  1. I’ve been saying for ages there just aren’t enough cooking shows on Australian TV. Before that there weren’t enough dancing and amateur (really amateur) talent shows, and before that there weren’t enough home & backyard renovation shows.

    There just aren’t enough digital channels to hold all the programs there just aren’t enough of nowadays. Sad isn’t it.

  2. oh ripper we can see Come Dine With Me: Greece… I’m still waiting to see Come Dine With Me: UK. It seems that Seven, with 3 channels to fill, still can’t find a half-hour slot for it! I guess the Greek version will have to do…!

  3. It’s about time Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations was brought to Australian TV, it’s definitely one of the best food shows on TV, on par with classics, such as Iron Chef or Gordon Ramsey’s shows. French Food Safari should be great, considering that French cuisine is probably the best cuisine in the world, and Sri Lankan cuisine is one of the worlds best kept secrets, especially in terms of seafood. I look forward to these servings.

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