1. @Stan, First Australians is my favourite documentary series ever. Proves that television really has the power to shape and change public thinking and beliefs. Gave me goosebumps!

  2. @Stan, Immigration Nation is indeed well worth watching. And particularly pertinent in light of recent events regarding refugees and immigration in general.

  3. The last time I watched SBS was for the excellent Wilfred. When they screened South Park I’d tune in every week. And like a lot of others, I’m still endlessly waiting for Swift and Shift (…or at least Fat Pizza re-runs?).

    SBS seems to have dropped their whole comedy agenda, which was what made them unmissable back then.

  4. @Steven I. Have just noticed Ezy DVD have a coming soon entry for S&SC with release date TBA. That wasn’t there a few weeks ago. So perhaps there is hope for a straight to DVD release.

  5. Can’t believe I’m still seeing Waleed Aly host News24’s The Drum today! Don’t SBS need him to prep already?

    Love the station promo for Immigration Nation: The Secret History of Us airing at the moment.

    It’s funny seeing SBS’s 30 Years IDs feature Paul Fenech (complete with Swift & Shift logo on the fake Logie), yet they won’t bother airing his programs again. 🙂

  6. I hope Shameless series 8 will be fast-tracked on SBS and the new series of Skins as well.

    Speaking of returning shows – and I know this is an ABC program – but when will the ABC finally get around to showing Ashes to Ashes Series 3? It was the last series and I’m desperate to see it!

    Come on ABC put Ashes to Ashes series 3 on a Friday or a Saturday night slot, please!

  7. The first three months of SBS looks good, and i am very happy to see season 3 of East West 101 returning (as you said, April / May).

    But… i am also upset that SBS are delaying season 2 of Swift and Shift Couriers. I enjoyed season 1 so much. Silly sbs.

  8. Sorry David another question in relation to S&SC assuming SBS don’t screen it what is the chance it will be released on DVD. Is there some clause saying it must be screened on TV first? I guess in short will we ever see this in any form?

  9. No dis-respect was meant to you, David.
    And yes, you have kept us up to date with S&SC.
    I just needed to get the anger out of my system.
    Merry X-Mas, David.
    Have a terrible X-Mas, SBS.

  10. You have got to be joking?
    Where is Swift and Shift Couriers Y2?!
    Since 2009, SBS keep saying “it will be on in a few months” and it never appears when they say it will??????
    It was meant to be on in early 2010!
    They said so when I phoned them up last month!
    Does this mean that SBS’s most popular Locally produced show will just sit on the shelf and die!
    I am just speechless at this revolting dis-repect for viewers and locally produced content!

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