Seven extends 4:30pm News

From Monday Seven extends its Seven News at 4:30pm to one hour, every weekday.

From Monday Seven extends its Seven News at 4:30pm to one hour, every weekday.

The move follows Nine recently extending its arvo news to one hour.

As a result Surf Patrol is out.

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  1. To be honest the Mash Repeats were getting rather old and stale so a change was in order but couldn’t they have gone with some 2000-2010 versions of Proven American or British Comedies instead of shoving us with more news.

  2. I don’t have children but surely a better choice would be a 4 to 6pm offerings of shows suitable for a generation too young for an after school job and too old for most of the ABC Kids/Disney and Nickelodeon offerings for those lucky enough to have Pay TV.Who needs an excess of News.If you can’t be there for the earlier bulletins watch the 7pm Project or hold out till 9:30pm for SBS or Lateline on the ABC or the Late News at whatever time they show it on 10.

  3. Would rather watch 7 or 9 News and not 10. Bill Woods is horrible and the red headed Victorian who reads Sydney sport is imo the worst sports presenter in Aus. Maybe he’d be served best by going back to Victoria.

  4. Why Seven and Nine always copy formats to win the ratings war?. First it was Kerri-Anne and the MorningShow, then Deal or No Deal and Hot Seat, and now the 4:30 news? Re-instate MASH and Antiques Roadshow, we are all sick of watching news!

  5. I’m with you Damian – I used to watch all those shows you mentioned religiously.

    Bring them all back and wipe away the dreck that’s on afternoon TV now – the good old days were good for a reason!!

  6. News rates. it is cheap content, and viewers seem to want it.
    Also Nine and Seven are trying to protect their 6pm news hours in the face on increased competition from News 24 and in particular Ten

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