Statesmen of Comedy: guests

Shane Bourne, Jane Kennedy & Tim Smith are the first guests in Trevor Marmalade's new show chatting to comedians and performers.

Trevor Marmalade’s new show Statesmen of Comedy premieres on the Comedy Channel this weekend.

Marmalade chats to friends and colleagues about everything from life experience to work experience.

Each episode features 3 special guests, sharing private anecdotes, rarely seen work from their expansive careers, and their own perspective on life.

Episode 1 – Guests
Shane Bourne, Jane Kennedy & Tim Smith.

Episode 2 – Guests
Glenn Robbins, Jason Stephens & Greg Fleet.

Episode 3 – Guests
Peter Rowsthorn, Rachel Berger & Anthony Morgan.

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  1. What ever happened to The Comedy Channel? Once upon a time they had great challenging shows that were genuinely different to the rest, now with rubbish like this and Are You Being Served etc they seem to be aiming at pulling in aging suburbia. At this rate they’ll be getting Hey Hey once Nine puts it out of it’s misery.

  2. Eps 1 & 2 look tantalising. Would be interesting (in light of the feud, maybe they could sort it out) if they could get Tony Martin & Mick Molley on an episode with maybe Rob Sitch.
    Dreams I know.

  3. So I see the word “statesmen” is being used here in the traditional way…
    ie: “boring stuffy old people full of self-importance”

    Shane Bourne & Jane Kennedy are the only two listed that anyone would cross the road to see perform.

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