TEN’s Harry Potter in semi-retirement

TEN’s newsman with the unmistakable name and the equally distinct delivery, Harry Potter, will work his final shift with the network on Christmas Eve.

The veteran reporter will focus on addressing a resurgence of bowel cancer, first diagnosed five years ago.

Potter, 69, has just finished five rounds of chemotherapy but promises not to dwell on his medical challenges.

“I like to think I’m in remission now but, as the oncologist said to me, ‘Your definition of remission is a bit different from ours,'” he said.

TEN News chief Jim Carroll praised Potter, who joined the network in 1978.

“Plenty of times Harry has seemed to know more about a crime than the police,” he said.

“He’s a one-off.”

Potter will remain a consultant to TEN.

Source: smh.com.au


  1. Lee-Ellen Jones nee Hurcombe

    Dear Harry Potter,
    I am an old school friend of Katrina’s and I would like to catch up with her.
    We were very good friends back then and a lot of time has passed so I am hoping she is interested.
    I have sent a xmas card off to her to UTS and Notre Dame back was returned unknown.

    Kindest regards
    Lee Jones

  2. Does anyone remember the Big Brother pantomime (had to be a few years back), where they were talking about the other Harry Potter (i.e the boy wizard), and suddenly, out comes 10’s Harry Potter…

  3. Hi,

    In reply to Andrew:

    I think I read a few years ago that Harry Potter had been promoted from news reporting to being Chief of Staff for Ten’s newsroom in Sydney. So as you suggested, a behind the scenes though integral role.

  4. What has he been doing with Ten lately? I haven’t seen him reporting for the last few years and I thought his absence meant he must have already retired? Must have been one of the behind the scenes jobs.

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