Warnie show fails to score

In only its second week on air viewers are abandoning Shane Warne's new talk show, Warnie.

In only its second week on air viewers are abandoning Shane Warne’s new talk show, Warnie.

Last night the show scored a dismal 486,000 viewers thumped by Rush on 936,000 and Rake on 759,000. Seven’s Meet the Parents movie scored 673,000.

Despite its earlier timeslot last night, the Nine show show fared much better when it debuted after The Block finale. Its lead in last night was 672,000 for a Top Gear repeat.

Reviews for the first show were mixed, but after last night’s outing it looks like a viewers prefer the cricketer to stick to sports commentary.

Seven Network won the night.

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  1. This man must be taken off the air! He is hardly an example to the young boys of this country. Please use your influence with Packer, even though He and Warne are friends, and take this disgrace to our country off air. I will not watch this channel whilst his show continues to air.

  2. seriously, no *seriously*, what did they expect? How was this show *ever* going to be a good idea?

    Whichever dumbass made the decision to give Warnie a [no doubt] mega contract deserves to be outed and shamed (and fired).

  3. Hes not a journalist, hes not a comedian, hes not a writer, hes not an interviewer. Hes a really really good cricketer. Stick to what you are good at Warnie. And nine how about you try and develop some talent in this country. Where are our Lenos, Lettermans, Obriens, Fallons, Feys etc etc etc – i am guessing we have our equivalents but they never get a go cause of the obsession of getting sports starts to host shows – and setting the bar at mediocrity.

  4. They must be pretty stupied at 9 as anyone with half a brain knew this would fail, like all their flops they produce.

    Warne mate stick to the cricket, at least we dont have to look at your Ken Barbie face!

    Apart from Alicia Gorey who is looking hotter since she left Perth ABC, the show is utter rubbish with your so called 6 delivery questions. You should ask Rove to write your questions they mkght marginally improve!

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