Warnie the last (inglorious) hurrah at Studio 9

It just doesn't seem right. Warnie gets the final hurrah at Studio 9 in Bendigo Street today, under a cloud of murky headlines.

Shane Warne has been the subject of media attention since it emerged on the weekend that has supposedly been friendly with Elizabeth Hurley.

Both have since confirmed they are separated from their partners.

Such stuff isn’t normally worth wasting energy on, but given Warne is a Nine personality this summer, it’s pretty hard to ignore.

What consenting individuals get up to in their personal time is really their business, but as any TV star knows, personal stories do impact on a network show, for better or worse. In the case of the ailing Warnie, it’s rating so low could it actually have the reverse effect?

The media story also caps off a year of bad boys on the telly, most of them at Channel Seven.

What is arguably more curious than a celebrity affair is that fact that today’s recording of the chat show will be the last ever production to emerge from Studio 9 in Bendigo Street Richmond.

With it’s glorious history of variety it seems like a whole lot of wrong that Warnie gets the final hurrah, under a cloud of murky headlines. Out with a whimper and not a bang….

What a shame it wasn’t the farewell special attended by the stars that kept the place alive.

Nine News will continue to be produced at Bendigo Street until the shift to Docklands is complete.

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  1. The fact of the matter was, Warnie’s talk show was too generic, it’s all the other talk shows, without a “zing!” factor, without anything that separates it from the thousands of talk shows that have come before it. Look at his “googly over” or something, the 6 questions he asks his guests after their interview is over, “Australia is good because…” “If you could be another person for a day, who?” They’re questions I get asked when I walk into job interviews, or by a teacher with too much time on their hands, he really needed something to set it apart from the rest, and he hasn’t delivered, but all in all, he’s achieved more than anyone else here will ever achieve.

    It’s funny how noone has mentioned his 700 wickets or what he has brought to the game of cricket, yet we all mention and critisize the fact he’s a Lothario, yet we’ll all go and worship Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother later tonight, further proof that one is a headline, a thousand is a statistic, I bet more than 50% of the TVTonight.com regular posters have cheated on a partner.

  2. He should just be banned from presenting on television. The ratings speak for themselves and I am confident that he will be off the air in the new year. He is an embarrassment to his family and Australia in general!!

  3. Sadly, I was eating my dinner last night when across my screen blared those infamous images of Warnie in his jocks attempting to look like he knew what to do with two women. I didn’t touch another bite. This must rank up with the great mysteries of the universe as to how a complete and utter tw*t manages to keep pulling women. I’m guessing Liz Hurley has reached her absolute nadir in taste.

  4. I think the problem here is that apparently he travelled to the UK to do interviews for ‘Warnie’ (presumably therefore on Nine’s dime) and did Liz while he was there.

    Why is NIne paying for more (expensive, OS) interviews for a plainly failed show? It should have been canned after the first episode, even the Hurley fling is not likely to raise it’s ratings above London’s current temperature.

    But hang on, Warnie is famous for the British press providing him with paid women in the hope of either exhausting him or embarrassing him into failure (didn’t work, he had real stamina back then and was too thick to feel embarrassed). Maybe Nine are simply following in the British tabloid’s footsteps in an attempt to turn their turkey into a success instead of the other way round? God knows, he still can’t feel embarrassment…

  5. Totally agree with you there David. I think the whole local media obsession with celebrity is awful.

    It does seem sad that Warnie gets to switch off the lights at Channel 9’s old headquarters as well….but then again maybe that’s fitting as it put cricket on another level with its groundbreaking 70’s telecasts.

    Still I would have much preferred Bert Newton be the one to do the last show there, even a 20 to 1 program would have sufficed.

  6. Please get this loser off our screens!!! Liz Hurley must have hit her head and gone deaf and blind, it would be the only way anyone could find anything about this guy attractive. This idiot loves any attention he can get and our stupid mags and papers keep his ego afloat. I don’t buy anything that mentions his name, his opinion is crap.

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