7TWO hearts UK telly

7TWO gets ready for even more classic British TV: The Sweeney, Murphy's Law and That's My Boy.

More classic British TV shows are about to begin on 7TWO.

They include The Sweeney, Murphy’s Law and That’s My Boy.

With Dennis Waterman appearing in The Sweeney, and Mollie Sugden in That’s My Boy we might have to start calling this channel Little Britain.

Rite the feem toon, sing the feem toon…

The Sweeney,
Season 1, Ep 1 ‘The Ringer’
Monday, February 7
10:50pm (M)
This series follows Inspector Jack Regan and Sergeant George Carter as they brawl and battle their way through life as part of Scotland Yard’s undercover crime unit, the Flying Squad. Starring Dennis Waterman, John Thaw, Garfield Morgan, Ian Hendry, Brian Blessed, Jill Townsend, Colin Douglas, Allan Lake & June Brown.

Murphy’s Law
Season 1, Ep 1 & 2
Wednesday , February 9
9:45pm (AV)
In tonight’s episode: After his daughter is killed by terrorists, Detective Tommy Murphy vows to take on the most dangerous undercover assignments. Murphy is ordered to infiltrate a gang that is implicated in a series of diamond raids in London, but to do so he must first impress the gang’s ruthless boss, Hatcher, and charm his sidekick Annie. Murphy soon finds himself out of his depth, embroiled in a much larger plot involving drugs and the Yakuza, Japan’s equivalent of the mafia. Starring James Nesbitt, Del Synnott, Sarah Berger, Claudia Harrison, Michael Feast & Mark Womack

That’s My Boy
Season 1, Ep 1 ‘Live as Family’
Friday, February 11
7:30pm (PG)
When Robert Price and his wife Angie decide to hire some domestic help they end up with Ida who turns out to be Robert’s mother. Starring Mollie Sugden, Christopher Blake & Jennifer Lonsdale.

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  1. 7two is rubbish. Old shows, old outdated movies (most not filmed in wide screen). Disappointing for a channel that had a great launch with a great ident and programming. What happened to repeats of The Amazing Race, etc?. Seems for sure to be a British content Channel. Give the channel a makeover.

  2. @Chris … 30s is indeed young. Some of us are old enough to remember the great British shows when they were first shown on Australian TV and are really enjoying them back on free-to-air after all these years. I think Porridge is the one that really stands the test of time. The comedy timing is very clever, especially when Ronnie Barker himself delivers his lines with his dry tone and weary facial expressions. And I don’t think I will ever tire of the late Mollie Sugden in Are You Being Served.

  3. @Chris said

    “Yuck! More content for old people. Hate this channel. Full of crappy old British content. Complete and utter rubbish.”

    What an ageist comment. I’m 20 and I love classic British TV, Doctor Who, Dad’s Army, Are You Being Served, and so on. Oh and Britain has great TV in the past as well. Don’t be so closed minded as to write off anything that isn’t post 2000.

  4. I am not that young. In my 30s. Still hate all the old people’s British rubbish.

    Actually Britian has good programming in the 21st century. Maybe they should acquire new stuff.

    And no I dont have anything nice to say when it comes to this crappy channel.

  5. I love the Sweeney – its such a classic. That’s My Boy is a good vehicle for Molly Sugden. Its a gentle 80’s sit-com. Although Thats my Boy was made in the 80’s is it an Australian Premiere? I don’t ever remember seeing it before in Australia.

  6. @Chris

    Indeed, because all television programming should, rightly and fairly so, be aimed at the vapid youth market.

    With any luck they’ll get Minder on 7two, one of the best produced and acted shows of all time.

  7. Excellent! Love all the UK shows.
    David do you have any idea if or when 7two plan to bring back UK medical drama ‘The Royal’? Would really like to see more episodes of this show as well.

  8. Wow, this is such a different channel from its initial launch. I don’t watch anything on this channel though, as it programming does not interest me. I guess this must be the most cheaply run digital channel out of the commercial networks due to the age of the content.

  9. @ Dan I agree lets have more classic oz shows from the 70’s. Cop Shop would be great. Also A Country Practice and perhaps a repeat screening of Young Ramsay.

    Having said that I do love the classic brit cop shows and looking forward to checking out The Sweeney.

  10. I never watch this channel but I think 7TWO has the smartest programming of any of the digitals. It is the only channel to really cater to a 55+ audience (which provides consistently high viewership & therefore bulking up the network shares) while allowing the network to program to the younger demographics on Channels 7 and 7Mate.

  11. We love UK tv…good to see 7TWO been doing good jobs by showing them..maybe instead of classic movie…they should start showing some UK reality and game shows..etc..in the arvo too…then totally a little britain channel…

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