Adam Hills In Gordon St Tonight: Feb 9 guests

First guests on Adam Hills In Gordon St Tonight will be Melissa George, comedian Arj Barker, and 2011 Australian of the Year Simon McKeon with music from Dan Sultan and James Reyne.

Melissa George first appeared on our screens in 1993 in her role as Angel Parish in the long running soap Home and Away, for which she won two Logies. Melissa later made her break in the U.S. with roles in TV series including Charmed, Friends, Grey’s Anatomy and Alias and the highly acclaimed In Treatment. Her film credits include 30 Days of Night, Triangle, Mulholland Drive and the remake of The Amityville Horror. Melissa now lives in L.A. and Buenos Aires, but is back in Australia filming the ABC TV drama series The Slap.

American comedian Arj Barker is no stranger to Australian audiences. He’s a regular visitor to our shores since, and has performed stand-up to sell-out crowds at festivals and theatres around the country. He’s toured the U.S., New Zealand and Europe, and made many TV appearances including The Late Show with Conan O’Brien.

Simon McKeon, is a leading social entrepreneur and prominent businessman who demonstrates how business and philanthropy go hand in hand. His lifelong efforts to support Australian and international charities has earned him the title of Australian of the Year 2011.

Dan Sultan is an Australian singer and songwriter, performing a style he calls country-soul-rock ‘n’ roll. In 2010 Dan was awarded the ARIA for Best Male Artist and Best Blues and Roots Album. Along with his band, Dan has performed at most major Australian music festivals, and in 2009 Sultan made his screen debut in the film Bran Nue Dae.

James Reyne is one of Australia’s most loved singer songwriters. He first shot to fame as lead singer of iconic ‘80s band Australian Crawl, before pursuing a successful solo career.

Adam Hills In Gordon St Tonight premieres Wednesday February 9 at 8.30pm on ABC1, and is repeated Saturdays at 7.30pm on ABC2.


  1. Claude Von Zonnesteek

    Unlike these uneducated cretinous fools, I did not enjoy your new show. Arj Barker has no comedic qualities. It was a disgrace to have him as the first guest on your new show. The gags were lacking in content and dragged on for far too long.
    Ross Noble was good but was presented using an impractical medium. Melissa’s reference to her “pussy” was the only truly funny joke throughout the hour-long fap fest, but was ruined when her coy demeanour obstructed any truly ‘edgy’ humour. Which speaks volumes about the ABC’s current state.
    Better luck next time… Mate.

  2. Enjoyed the show (despite missing the first twenty minutes), another Iced Coffee addict here (family is addicted) — fancy sending a truck load of Farmers Union to WA?

  3. Caroline in Adelaide

    Hey Adam, fantastic show, it’s about time you got a decent show of your own. So you think you’re a big iced coffee addict but I reckon my husband, a stage illusionist, could give you a run for your money, he puts away an average of two to three litres of Farmers Union strong a day! If you come up with some sort of iced coffee challenge, I’m sure he would love to take you on 🙂

  4. Hey Adam – love the show – love your work – thought you would like a word I invented for the times when you have been drinking and your words fall over your tongue – the word is “Drinklexic” – what do you reckon, should it be added to the Webster dictionary?

  5. patricia Spargo

    Adam I enjoyed watching your show on T.V as much as i have when I have seen you in person. Your humanity,humour and being a real person came across. Good Luck
    From. eighty year old Tricia from Kilcunda

  6. Gotta love flicking through channels and find something worth watching!!! Big fan Adam! Good luck with the show 🙂 Loving the fact if i miss a show, i can catch up on Saturdays!!
    What is it about funny people…..

  7. @Jon.E It’s a joke – combination of rocket science/brain surgery gone wrong. If you gotta explain it I guess it’s not funny. I confess – I’m not a comedy writer.

  8. Looking forward to this show. It’s time we had another talk format we can actually warm to (not like Warnie!). I tried to get some tickets but they (the ABC) had been overwhelmed with requests. I’ve asked to be on the standby list!

  9. Sounds great. As usual the ABC will show commercial television how to do a variety/entertainment talk show with broad appeal at a reasonable price. It’s not rocket surgery people – an affable host who wants the job and good guests is a good start.

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