Airdate: Mike and Molly. Returning: The Big Bang Theory, Top Gear.

Here are the dates of several more Nine shows:

Monday February 7
7:30pm Two and a Half Men. New episode.
8:00pm $#*! My Dad Says. New episode.
8:30pm TBA
10:30pm Allan Border Medal. Special.

Tuesday February 8
7:30pm The Big Bang Theory. New episode.
8:00pm Top Gear. Middle East Special (new episode)
9:30pm TBA
10:30pm Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. New episode.

Wednesday February 9
7:30pm The Big Bang Theory. New episode.
8:00pm Mike and Molly. Premiere.
8:30pm The Farmer Wants a Wife. New season.

Thursday February 10
7:30pm RBT. New episode.
8:00pm Getaway. New episode.

Friday February 11
7:30pm Motorway Patrol. New episode.
8:00pm Hot Pursuit. Rpt.

NB: Top Gear Middle East special aired in the UK on Boxing Day, but thereafter there is only the USA Road Trip as a premiere episode.


  1. I get what Nine are doing with BBT, just hope it works as well as it has in the US for BBT and the new shows. I still like 2.5 Men but it’s starting to get old and with it’s star running off the rails I’m wishing it would just end already.

    FYI Jon Cryer is on Conan tonight on GEM.

  2. @Luke, It’s a bit premature, did you even look at what Seven is offering up, awful, 30 Rock in a crap timeslot, double episodes of new episodes. The Big Band and Two and Half Men aren’t terribly unfunny, it’s just you don’t like the humour. And what’s wrong with having a block of comedy on two nights, it’s better then having awful factuals that are usually repeats of stuff we’ve seen last month,

  3. I think this is a total lie. Channel Nine does Not have this many new episodes in a week. They dont have this many new expisodes in a Year.

    Are we expected to believe that the cheapskate network has used up all their new episodes in a single week???

  4. Ch9 is officially the worst network.

    @Craig, Ch9 is clearly copying what CBS in the states did by moving BBT to a new night to establish a new comedy block- but instead of completely copying it, they tried to inject ‘originality’ by moving Mike & Molly behind it instead of S#!t My Dad Says.

    I just can’t believe how many people are constantly watching 2.5 Men or BBT… They’re horribly awful and unfunny shows. Same for How I Met Your Mother, atleast it was funny once, but now it’s just old. Don’t get me started on Top Gear.

    @RichoTB is completely right– it’ll be a CSI, Mentalist (Monday for sure) and then Underbelly down the track. Oh, and throw in another CSI and a repeat episode of The Mentalist.

  5. @Vicky – good points, the real first ep had a preview of the season to come, so bits from the Middle East Special which was 75mins long on the BBC.

    It will be interesting to see if they a) cut the ep back to 60mins, b) have it run long or c) have only 15mins of ads in the 90 minute time slot.

  6. The USA road trip of Top Gear aired before the Middle East Special in the UK. Also The Middle East special goes for 1 hr & 20 minutes so how is ch9 going to fit it in 90 minutes with commercials? Both episodes are great, glad to watch it again soon.

  7. @Craig I agree and not just 9. All networks seem to be afraid of 2hour comedy blocks, we havent had any for years and they used to work so well and still do all over the world.

  8. @dee123 – having seen all the TG US (on a business trip) I can tell you while not as good as the UK original it is way better than the local version that Nine put out last year.

  9. @ Craig

    Because a) They wanted to establish a good starting base for another night, via Big Bang Theory and b) The Mentalist has been a great 8:30 Monday show, why change it?

  10. @ mojoman that’s the question we ask about the new shows on all the chs,well except the ABC.

    Keen to check out M&M being a fan of Chucks other sitcoms.

  11. Yes thats all well and good but of the new shows how long do you think they will actually air before CH9 decides to yank them off the air or move them around to a different timeslot??!!??

  12. Mike and Molly is in a good place between BBT and FWaW and is a good show once they get into the 3rd or 4th ep.

    But why move BBT from Mondays? IMO they would have been better to have Comedy Mondays with 2.5 Men, BBT, M&M then $#*! My Dad Says in a 2 hour block.

    Good to see the TG Middle East (Xmas) special finally on Nine, some 6 weeks after the UK, that’s probably fast for Nine. Now I can only assume they will follow with 2nd special and the new season which will start this Sunday in the UK.

    Any news on the US version of Top Gear?

  13. Yawn. Same old same old from Nine – won’t be watching anything from here.

    I bet those TBAs will be infested with CSI and Underbelly. Oh yeah, The Mentalist has to go somewhere too

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