Californication…. the “other” F word

Heads up Californication fans, TV Tonight brings you a scene from the third episode of the current series -which is yet to air in the United States.

And in a show that is notorious for offending viewers, it may cause ripples for dropping the F word. The “other” F word.

Karen (Natascha McElhone) takes pity on Hank (David Duchovny) after thinking he made a suicide attempt.

She begs him to contact her next time.

“You call me, you text me, you Skype me, you Tweet me, you can f***ing Facebook me, I don’t care,” she says. “Nothing should be that bad. Ok, you promise?”

“Well texting is for fa***ts, but I promise,” says Hank.


It airs in the US on Sunday and on ELEVEN next Tuesday at 10pm.

WARNING: language.


  1. Hang on, Hang on , people are upset about the word fa**t???? lol Ive just watched the epp and i cant believe the words ” clock blocking ” and the sex scene between his manager and the ETF??? ( easy to f…) lol Some of you people need to get a life!!! pmsl !!!

  2. A few observations:

    Racial, sexual, religious, physical slurs are valid to those who are the target of them. It is interesting that those who are probably not the target of them seem interested in applying validity to them, often to the exclusion of others.

    TEN logo, the show airs as part of the TEN Network. TVT has frequently had access to preview material, in this case before the US airing.

    News? Never said it was news (see earlier comment). Giving viewers a clip before it airs in the US is pretty cool tho.

    Hank has always been a self-centred, offensive character and a flawed father. He offends everyone at one point or another, so this is true to his character. That said, the reference surprised me which is what I reflected. I will continue to share reactions to all sorts of things I see on TV. It’s a blog, guys….

  3. @Jack
    If you don’t think there is a difference between a racial slur and a sexual one. Then i doubt any dialogue trying to inform you of the exact difference, would be understood by you.

  4. I’m not sure why this is even news. I’m not condoning it, but it isn’t the first time the word f** or fa***t has been used by a character in a tv show. It has happened many times. In fact, in one of today’s Law & Order SVU eps on tv1 they used the word “F**” in the context of someone denying they were homosexual. It wasn’t even a new ep (5×20) it was years old!

  5. @Someone BBBA, re: ‘dumb, ‘idiot’, etc might be intolerant, but being mentally disabled or mute or whatever is objectively bad, and using ‘fa***t’ or ‘gay’ the same way implies a similar inferiority. That’s the key difference.

    Anyway, Duchovny’s character is clearly saying he thinks texting as an adult man is a gay thing, so use of the word is hardly genericised in this context.

    Would it be fine if Hank said to Karen ‘no, I don’t want any fried chicken. What do I look like, a n***er?’ There are no black people in the scene, so evidently it’s fine. Right?

    @boganpride: Living up to your name, clearly. Please, tell me the difference between sexual slurs and racial ones.

  6. I’m so tired of this nonsensical beleif that a word can somehow be inherently offensive. If the word was being used (in real life) with the clear intention of insulting gay people, then it would make perfect sense to be offended by its use. However, when it is being used with no intention of insulting or criticising homosexuals, there’s no rational reason to get offended.

    In this case, Hank was using the word to describe idiots in general. The fact that the word can be used to describe idiots, wimps and cowards is undoubtedly indicative of a certain historical homophobia in our society, but that doesn’t mean that people who use the word in the 21st century are necessarily homophobic. That would make about as much sense as claiming that everyone who uses the word “dumb” is bigoted towards mute people, or that everyone who uses the words “idiot”, “moron” and “imbecile” is intolerant of the mentally disabled.

    You can either choose to interpret a word the way it was clearly intended, or you can choose to misinterpret it as an excuse for a whinge.

  7. I can see it being offensive to some but what i don’t get it is if you don’t like the show them simple answer don’t watch it, the less people watch it the ratings will go down then the show is cancelled.

  8. People who find the word fa***t offencive, Must hate walking down the street on any given day, especially when they pass a group of young kids. I like how people are comparing the word fa***t with racial slurs. No people they are not the same thing. Stop being drama queens

  9. Of course let’s put this into perspective and not that anyone is going to admit but the word is only offensive if you are one which kind of opens up a whole new tin of worms.

  10. Ahh…the salad days of arguing whether Sex & The City should be allowtd on TV with its frequent nudity and use of the c-word are gone.

    Now we’re arguing the use of the Other f-word muttered by David D’s neurotic and sex-addicted Californication character. How far we’ve journeyed!

    In context, he wasn’t directing it negatively at the homosexual community, therefore, I ain’t offended.

    And David, I Love “minor” stories like this! If nothing else, it reminds me to catch up on my Californication.

  11. Is gay. Is offended.

    Not so much at the word, but at the “it’s teh political correctness gone crazzzzy” crowd. Also at the heterosexual people out there which this word obviously is not directed at, saying such things as “Is this word really offensive?” and to those towing the “noisy minority” line. You are all offensive.

  12. Californication is a comedy? I thought it was a tragedy.

    There’s nothing edgy or clever about this program, just pathos ramped up to 11. What a sad, sad, pathetic loser Hank is.

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