ELEVEN is on the air

"Stick around you're going to love ELEVEN," Labby and Stav tell viewers as Australia's newest Free to Air channel hits the screen.

Australia officially has a new TV channel, as ELEVEN began programming at 11am today.

Channel hosts Labby and Stav welcomed viewers by running through some of the feature titles including Neighbours, The Simpsons, Supernatural, Nurse Jackie, Californication, Futurama and more.

“Labby and Stav here, we want you to join us weekdays from 4:00 for Couch Time, where we play back some classic TV show,” said Labby.

“That’s right we’ve got Happy Days, we’ve got The Brady Bunch, we’ve got Family Ties, and a whole stack more as well,” said Stav.

“Stick around you’re going to love ELEVEN,” added Labby.

The purple-themed youth channel then launched into a first-run episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson with the Scottish-American host dropping lots of Aussie gags in his opening monologue.

“Australians, if you’re watching this show for the first time on …what is it, Channel ELEVEN… oh, that’s my favourite channel in Australia…(swear) it is now…, ” he said.

“I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking ‘Wait a minute he doesn’t sound Australian at all!’ it’s because this is how Americans speak nowadays!”

He dropped more Aussie gags throughout the show including “A dingo stole my baby.” Duh.

The show will be repeated tonight at 10:30pm followed by a new episode.

A joint venture between TEN and CBS, ELEVEN is available in metro locations on channel 11 and in regional areas on channel 55 (retune your TV to find). It is available via Southern Cross Media across regional markets in Queensland, New South Wales, the ACT, Victoria and Tasmania; Spencer Gulf and Broken Hill; and broadcasts in Mildura by Mildura Digital Television. Southern Cross Media will also offer ELEVEN to those regions with access to the VAST satellite service.

Foxtel cable subscribers can access ELEVEN via Channel 131. It is not available yet to satellite subscribers.

The new channel boosts the number of Free to Air channels on offer in the battle with Pay Television.

Freeview CEO Robin Parkes said: “ELEVEN’S launch marks a great day for TV viewers.

“Millions of Australians right across the country can now enjoy yet another free digital multi-channel. There are now ten free digital multi-channels that have been launched since Freeview was formed just over two years ago, a period that has seen an incredible expansion in the available choice of free, quality TV entertainment.”

However the timing of the channel launch was upstaged by the devastating floods in Queensland and the aftermath of Toowoomba’s ‘inland tsunami.’ As ELEVEN launched, Premier Bligh was giving a press conference in which she advised of 8 people dead, 72 missing and a toll that expected to rise. Areas of Brisbane, where ELEVEN’s own host studio is based, were now on flood alert.

For more information on ELEVEN visit eleven.com.au

-oh, and first request of ELEVEN: can we please make the logo transparent and not solid?

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  1. When are you taking those two idiots off the air along with couch time.
    I hate it when I am waiting to watch Neighbours when those idiots take up air time.
    Any thing but couch time please.

  2. I was just watching an ad on channel 55 eleven about the auditions for so you think you can dance. A young girl was on there saying she cannot remember things. She was a wonderful dancer. Then at the end of the ad a smartass voice says “its ok she cant remember” . That is very rude towards this girl & needs to be removed. It was disgusting to hear

  3. I like watching old shows like Happy Days but I watch the news rather than listen to these two fuck wits Lab and Stav. They’re so particularly unfunny that I even prefer to watch the news. I dont turn over to channel 11 until 5:07 PM just to make sure I miss these two fuckwits. Get rid of them and that sort of crappy program introduction.

    have a nice day

  4. Grrrr looks like ELEVEN is sticking with the 7 day block programming for daytime shows. Wouldn’t mind something a bit different. And I’m still annoyed about Get Smart and Hogan Heroes being in a primetime slot. I know some people are keen on the show … but why on a Saturday night?

    I also can’t stand Lab and Stav …. there’s just no need for it.

    On the plus I enjoyed watching, Ferguson, SYTYCD US and NZ Next Top Model. And old eps of Sabrina.

    A part of me thinks that maybe Glee should be moved to ELEVEN as it fits it demographic.

  5. @JB- clear all existing channels, do a factory reset, or delete them or whatever your machine allows, then run the rescan again. I had to do this with one of my STB’s to get it to show up on 11 unstead of 350.

  6. Quick note for Ten (Eleven’s) marketing department, Simpsons and Futurama viewers are not 90210 or Dance viewers. Stop running ads (especially those 90 minute, or so it seems, dance ads with the dumb yank chick) for stuff that there is zero chance of us watching, it just causes channel surfing.

  7. I personally have no problem with Labby and Stav, even though i have never heard them on radio. I think the format of Couch Time ( Drive time for Tv) would be better suited to having classic and new kids shows from 3 to 6pm weeknights. I am fully aware of ABC3 but the ABC has a limited budget being a public broadcaster which is funded by the Fed Govt. So they can only get a limited amount of quality content. I would like to see old and new Nickelodeon Shows on 11. I am sure kids with any brains will agree with me. Good quality content costs money and the ABC just dont have enough of it but TEN do. Oh David does TEN still have the output deal with Nickelodeon?

  8. When TV was launched in Australia in 1956 I was still inside (my mother’s womb I mean) and so it made little impression on me. But when channel TEN launched I remember being very excited and eagerly waiting for the introduction, in glorious black & white, of a Whole New TV Channel! So yesterday I thought I’d indulge in a little nostalgia and watch Ten’s latest channel enter the world.

    Oh dear. Two and a half minutes of poorly scripted and appallingly acted drivel from two eminently forgettable twits who it seems get their own show on the new channel, immediately followed by the most dreadfully unfunny tonight show ever put to air (and tonight shows are generally really bad to begin with).

    Somehow it was all much more exciting when I was ten and TEN was new.

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