Floods draw viewers to their TV screens

Viewers were drawn to their television screens last night as networks provided continuing coverage of the Queensland floods.

Nine attracted the highest network share of 36.0%, ahead of Seven’s 26.5%, TEN’s 17.8%, ABC’s 14.6% and SBS’ 5.1%. But these include multichannels most of which provided alternative viewing.

Nine’s primary channel was 25.0% over Seven’s 19.4%. Nine News pulled 1.56m to Seven News 1.44m and ABC News 984,000. A Current Affair was 1.16m to Today Tonight‘s 1.08m. Overnight figures are always preliminary and may yet be adjusted.

But there was also a significant audience looking for viewing alternatives. Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation was the top entertainment show for the night at 727,000 viewers.

Multichannels netted some interesting results.

GO!’s share was a whopping 7.9%, with 7TWO at 3.8% and ELEVEN making its mark at 3.6% on day of launch.

It’s hard to know whether the ELEVEN figure was down due to breaking news or up as people sought alternatives. Neighbours was its highest rated show at 254,000 followed by Futurama (210,000), The Simpsons (173,000), Nurse Jackie (155,000), Californication (129,000) and The Office (127,000). GO!’s share suggests people were actively pursuing alternatives.

ABC News 24 has also seen a modest boost to its numbers in recent days, last night at 2.0 around double its usual audience.

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  1. Has anyone taken notice of the similarity between 1974 and today. 1974 Lake Eyre flooded and Queensland had major floods. 2010/11 Lake Eyre flooded and Queensland has major floods. Next time maybe watch Lake Eyre??

  2. @Dave says:
    January 12, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    I think that’s a bit harsh. I mean you can not just kick people off their own show during times of crisis just because they aren’t regarded as hard hitting journalists. 7pm project and it’s format (including it’s hosts) is included in TEN’s NEWS lineup. You would have noticed they did away with Kitty Flanagan’s regular Tuesday segment as well as any jokes to focus on the Flood which was brought to you by TEN’s journalists, what more do you want?

  3. You would think that 24 hour news channels like 24 and sky could scrape together a bit more than the same regurgitated video segments played over and over,I’m sure Sky has only one camera crew.Don’t know if I’ve missed the reports to prove me wrong but it seems that every TV network closes up live reports after the sun goes down.

  4. @Yvonne
    Sorry to hog the blog, but I just read your comment about helping instead of complaining. You’re right, but to set the record straight, I’m in Brisbane and have volunteered for everything from filling sandbags overnight to caring for rescued animals and have been turned away because there is a human flood of volunteers that exceeds demands!
    Isn’t that fantastic! I’ve never been so proud of my fellow Aussies.
    So I’ve donated money instead – which we can all do. I gave mine to the RSPCA as the animal casualties here have been beyond belief.

  5. On a positive note, my respect for Karl Stefanovic has skyrocketed in the past two days. I’ve only watched him a few times on his morning show and found him vapid, wooden and unfunny, but his flood coverage seems excellent. His one-on-one interviews are well conducted and professional. His seems genuinely interested and well informed. He thinks well on the run. I also note he’s had about eight hours sleep in the past 48+!
    The few times he’s tried to be funny up here have gone limp – like telling us that his twitterers think he is a version of Ron Burgundy. He’s got the sense of humour but not the delivery. I think this real journo job is his forte, not clowning around.
    So well done, Karl, keep it up man.

  6. I have just looked at all these comments about the TV Channels they are only doing there jobs instead of complaining why dont you all try and do something to help these poor people in Queenland which is part of this country It is Australia Day soon a lot of these poeple will not have a home and many will still be looking for their loved ones try and put yourself in their place.

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