Game of Thrones: teasers

Upcoming lavish HBO medieval fantasy Game of Thrones will air later this year on Foxtel.

Based on George R. R. Martin’s novel series, A Song of Ice and Fire, it features Mark Addy, Alfie Allen, Sean Bean and Emilia Clarke.

A Song of Ice and Fire takes place in a fictional world, upon a continent called Westeros and on a large landmass to the east, known as Essos. It chronicles the violent struggles among noble families for control of the Iron Throne of Westeros.

Created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss (Troy) it premieres in the US in April.




  1. The trailers so far are not much to go by. But this was a truly wonderful script. If it is realised as well as it was written it should be fantastic.

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