Gone: 90210. Bumped: So You Think You Can Dance

And that Get Smart marathon is out of Saturdays as the channel still tries to get it right.

ELEVEN is making more changes to its Friday and Saturday line-ups.

From next week February 4th 90210 is no more, and So You Think You Can Dance will take its place at 7:30pm.

Repeats of Sex and the City, from the very first episodes will air at 9:20 / 9:55 pm.

TEN has had a bad run with 90210, dumped off its primary channel, briefly re-attempted again in a summer slot, and now out of schedule on its new multichannel.

Meanwhile Get Smart is out of primetime Saturdays from February 5. It will be replaced by Frasier / Everybody Loves Raymond / Frasier / Everybody Loves Raymond … in that order, 7:30 – 9:30pm.

ELEVEN recently dumped Hogan’s Heroes from the same timeslot.

TV Tonight readers had previously bemoaned both Hogan’s Heroes and Get Smart as a primetime Saturday offering, suggesting ELEVEN offer more contemporary fare for such a premium slot.

Adjustments for a new channel are not especially surprising, as networks gain some understanding of a new audience.

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  1. 90210 is back on Eleven, i think it’s Friday or Saturday nights.
    It’s a shame that Ten hasn’t allowed 90210 to find an audience. the first 10 or so episodes are not great, but it then picks up. seasons 2 and 3 have been amazing, and I’m sure I’m not the only one in Australia who’s been downloading it every for the last three years.

  2. put 90210 back on 11 !
    make it late friday or saterday nights with dub eps and im sure you will get way more viewers…
    bring in some shows from the foxtell channels like mtv and arena to 🙂

  3. Totally agree!! 90210 is the best show on 11 and I loved watching It on fridays!!! I hate channels that start a series get viewers hooked on it then totally dump the show! Seriously 90210 had a plot as was real entertainment! And to dump it for so you think you can dance?? Wth.. Anyone can jump up and down and look like a loser on so you think you can dance, watching people dance isn’t the least bit entertaining. What’s with all these dance and talent shows anyway, haven’t they figure everyone is different and everyone has their own talents! So what maybe someones talent is better then someone elses. The point is the talent shows were great 3-4 years ago when everyone liked em but now there just getting old! Same crap different date!!

    Oh well, ever though instead of repeating the same crap over and over how about putting some of the shows you’ve dumped back on??

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