Gone: Hellcats

The cheerleading show is not getting much love from GO! at the moment.

More changes at GO! will see Hellcats out of schedule.

The cheerleading show already changed nights to Wednesdays but is now out of schedule, replaced by Top Gear replays.

Changes to Thursdays sees Top Gear out and the following in:

7:30pm The Big Bang Theory rpt
8:00pm The Middle rpt
8:30pm The Big Bang Theory rpt
9:00pm The Inbetweeners

Meanwhile Mike and Molly will also have a timeshift-style replay on GO! at 11pm February 9, following its earlier premiere on Nine.

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  1. It’s not axed…..
    It’s just repeats on saturdays now…..
    i’ve been waiting for the new episodes cause the storyline has left us Hanging again!! Thanx again GO!
    ….. am i mistaken or are we waiting for america the all powerful to view them first…
    damn australian ppl from seeing it…..
    americans are just upset cause we have stronger currency atm, lol
    hey GO! bring back the new episodes huh!!!!!

  2. This is very disappointing !!! Hellcats is one of my Fav episodes and shows like Hellcats that are screened in the US are meant to be available for us to watch on GO – fast tracked. Why give us one new episode and then scrap it. What a waste……
    Also, Monday was the best night with Hellcats, then Vampire Diaries then Pretty Little Liars, now Hellcats is gone and they’ve taken off Pretty Little Liars too. I mean come on GO give us a chance to enjoy Monday nights again. All we’re left with now is Vampire Diaries……we just get used to the time slot and then they take it away. 🙁

  3. Go you suck….. You rev us up with new episodes of hellcats and pretty little liars (which are the shows I love on my favorite night on your channel) which we have waited for for weeks, then you cut then because people were celebrating a National holiday an not watching Telly (sorry for celebrating the one day a year the we are proud to be Australian) then on top of that in your promos you show hellcats and pretty little lair so isn’t that false advertising.. Get a grip GO stop repeating shows and give us the shows we enjoy and are loyal to…

  4. Seriously?!?!?!
    I thought Go, 7Mate and Gem and all those types of channels were supposed to air shows that the “main” commercial channels wouldn’t. Instead were left with continuous reruns of shows that are shown on other channels. With all the programs out there to air, why do we get stuck watching the same shows on every frickin channel??
    On Foxtel it’s the same shows, with the same few seasons shown over and over again. Now the commercial channels are doing the same.
    Not happy Jan!!!

  5. Very Dissapointed looking forward too Hellcats tonight cant believe it has been scrapped. I cant believe that GO thinks a re-run would be better than a new fresh show. I am sick to death of the re-runs on Go and will be watching another channel. I also cant stand the way Go continuosly changes its schedule. How can a channel expect to function on only 3 shows – sheer stupidity.

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