Jennifer’s Getaway to Nine

In November Jennifer Hawkins said she was looking forward to freelancing once her contract with Seven expired, and that’s exactly what she’s doing with confirmation she will be a guest reporter on Getaway.

The former Great Outdoors presenter, who left Seven at the end of November, will now file stories from the United States, Tahiti and England (nice work if you can get it).

“I’m looking forward to working as a guest reporter on Getaway. I can’t wait to kick off 2011 with travel and new adventures. Getaway is truly my dream job,” she said.

Is that a veiled dig at her former show, or was it written by a publicist…?

Meanwhile singer Kate Ceberano began filming her first story yesterday after recently joining the team.

Her upcoming stops will include Hawaii, the Philippines and both Disneyland and Disney World in the United States, where she joins Jason Dundas.

Executive Producer, John Walsh, said: “We are thrilled to have someone of Kate’s calibre joining the show. She is one of the warmest, best loved entertainers in Australia and I think the Getaway audience is really going to love her.”

Regulars Natalie Gruzlewski, Kelly Landry, Jules Lund, Dermott Brereton and expectant mum Catriona Rowntree all return.


  1. What ever happened to Getaway? I know Channel 9 is struggling, but even the half hours were better than nothing. Will it ever return as there is nothing worthwhile to watch on Thursday nights now!

  2. I agree with Steven. What’s happened to Ben Dark? He is/was my absolute favourite on the show but I can’t work out where he fits in any more. Every time I think we’ll never see him again he turns up with another story. Then it will be weeks or even months before he re-appears. Strange.

  3. This makes me sad. She makes a charming television personality, great charisma, screen presence and she’s as legitimate a modelling talent as great Catherine McNeil, Gemma Ward or Samantha Harris and iconically Australian looking reminiscent of Elle Macpherson.

    She should be travelling around the world modelling not being dumped by Seven and Myer, god knows why either lost interest in her. I mean, they replaced her with Jessica Hart? European looking and zero television charisma, I watched her interviewed about the flooding here in Brisbane and… I’ve never seen anyone come across more disingenuous.

  4. Just posted on a competing (and lets face it nowhere near as good!) website:

    Less Getaway in 2011?

    Looks like Getaway has been cut in half.

    Getaway returns for its 20th year at 7.30 Thursday January 27, but the following week, the show will only be half an hour long, and start at 8pm.

    At 7.30pm, Thur Feb 3, will be a new episode of RBT, with Getaway at 8pm.

    Getaway is an expensive show to make, and by cutting it in half, the show will effectively halve its budget.

    So even less Jen!

  5. Must have the travel bug, the need for a pay check Or a vehicle to keep her name out there. As around the time when The Great Outdoors was on shakey ground, she was apparently saying that she was ready to move on and try other things (like her Make me a Supermodel host stint).

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