Karl to quit Today for 60 Minutes?

There is renewed speculation that Karl Stefanovic may leave the Today show to become a fulltime member of 60 Minutes.

There is renewed speculation that Karl Stefanovic may leave the Today show to become a full-time member of 60 Minutes.

Stefanovic, who has co-hosted Today since 2005, has previously filed for 60 Minutes as well as hosting A Current Affair, Random Acts of Kindness and even Carols by Candlelight.

But talk of him exiting Today is not new.

In 2009 there were suggestions Tracy Grimshaw may shift to 60 Minutes, paving the way for Stefanovic to front ACA. So far that hasn’t happened.

Nine spokesperson David Hurley told News Limited the speculation was a “steaming pile of silly-season excrement”.

“There is no truth to that at all,” he added. “Why would Karl leave Today when it is so successful?”

One day it will come true.

Last February Stefanovic told TV Tonight, “I think 60 Minutes is something I’ve always wanted to do all my life. To have the access to those stories and do it in combination with the Today show is the best possible combination.”

He previously admitted he sees himself joining 60 Minutes at some point.

“Down the track, yeah,” he conceded. “I think I’ve always had that ambition to be in 60 Minutes. There’s no doubt about that.”

As to who might replace him alongside Lisa Wilkinson? Steve Jacobs, Ben Fordham and Michael Usher are all on the rumour mill.

Source: News Limited

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  1. A couple of things

    I’ve always liked Tracey Grimshaw and i think she deserves better than ACA however 60 minutes these days isn’t much better. I know she’s made a name for herself at Nine and she comes across as the ‘loyal’ type but i think she’d be better off be poached by another Network and given a new, diverse challenge

    Karl has wanted off the morning shift for years now, the Today Show would be wise to take it as an opportunity to update the entire show (the set especially!)

  2. @Todd. Don’t you man they know the meaning of pure fakeness.
    today have gone down that path big time. karl is just a wannabe good guy and it’s just as bad as kochie if not worse

  3. Karl’s had his go, maybe Today wasn’t really the best vehicle for him. He was a terrific foreign correspondent and would be great on 60 minutes. I think Michael Usher would bring some much needed gravitas to Today and he seems to have a great sense of humour. Don’t like Steve Jacobs, too light weight. As for Ben Fordham I’ve been watching weekend Today recently and he just comes off as smarmy. I’ve also listened to him on 2GB and he seems awkward and out of his depth.

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