Lleyton Hewitt joins Seven

Seven has signed Lleyton Hewitt to its Australian Open commentary team.

He will join Johanna Griggs, Bruce McAvaney, Jim Courier, Matt White, Henri Leconte, Sandy Roberts, Hamish McLachlan, Sam Smith, Todd Woodbridge, Roger Rasheed, Nicole Bradtke, Rennae Stubbs, John Fitzgerald, Allan Stone, Peter Donegan and Kerryn Pratt.

“As always I can’t wait for the Australian Open to start,”he said. “And this year I also look forward to giving fans and viewers my thoughts into some of the players and matches when I join the Channel 7 commentary team.”

Seven CEO David Leckie said: “Lleyton is an Australian tennis champion and will add some unique tennis insights for our viewers into the game’s strategies and its players.”

Hewitt will also feature in the Rally for Relief to be broadcast on Channel 7 Sunday 4pm nationally to raise money for the victims of Australia’s flood disaster, including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Kim Clijsters, Sam Stosur, Novak Djokovic and Pat Rafter.

Married to former Home and Away starlet Bec Cartwright and his 2005 Australian Open final on Seven is still the highest rated show since OzTAM ratings began in 2001.


  1. Not a hewit fan, but his commentary was insightful and intelligent – the last of which I was quite surprised by. He provides great insight into the technicalities of tennis and also the personalities of the players. It was good, he’s not experienced, but is enjoyable to listen too.

  2. Lleyton has been a thoroughly enjoyable addition to the 7 commentary team. His insight an analysis is outstanding. I for one, was disappointed that he wasn’t commentating tonight and last night.

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed the commentary of Lleyton Hewitt, it is both insightful and brings an experienced analysis of the game. I have been pleasantly surprised – a good move on the part of Seven.

  4. I don’t mind Lleyton myself. But has anyone heard Todd commentating since the “Kim” incident? I’ve been watching out for him but to no avail – Has he been removed or something? I didn’t think he got into trouble – I didn’t think it justified getting into trouble.

  5. Get Hewitt off! Hewitt does not add anything to the game as a commentator. If you are in the competition you shouldn’t be a commentator – it’s as simple as that.

    Jim Courier on the other hand is a legend, an absolute pro on the microphone, a fantastic asset to the game.

    To the CEO of 7 – get Hewitt off and lift the standard!

  6. Lleyton Hewitt is a poor commentary, need to do more training in this field. When he talk, he goes on none-stop in making his point, even talk when players are playing. No respect of the players and the TV viewer.

  7. i spent the last hour trying to find the e mail address of the channel 7 ceo trying to inform him of how many australians hate leyton hewitt. i cant concentrate on the tennis im so pissed off he’s commentating. the 7 ceo should be sacked. leyton was an arragont a*se for most of his career whilst he was on top and now he’s all of a sudden nice again. just cause he fights for every point, and still looses, doesnt mean he deserves to be in the commentary team. i dislike him nearly as much as the arrogant serena. On a lighter note though, Jim courier is a living legend and truly deserves our respect. he’s an excellent commentator and he knows everything about the game. his commentating technique is very good. we need an international commentator as all ours suck. if anyone knows how to contact the 7 ceo to get rid of leyton, post it.

  8. I thought Lleyton did a really good job as a commentator. (Which surprisedmeas I’ve never been much of a Hewitt fan, so definitely no positive bias there!) enjoyed his knowledge andhisinside perspective as a player – and what I particularly appreciated was that he hasn’t been/doesn’t subscribe to the Courier style of ‘commenting’ – which is simply a euphemism for talk about yourself at every opportuity, talk about yourself even when there isn’t an obvious opportunity (just make it up) and never shut up for one second about what You think and what You would do and what You didetc etc eetc ad infinitum.
    Don’t know what they pay Courier, but I’d pay him to shut up. Hewitt added to my enjoyment of matches. Courier never does, always diminishes it, dammit.

  9. Bernard Tomic is competing with extraordinary and rare (for an Australian!) class and talent against Nadal tonight and all Hewitt and Courier can do is slurp ad nauseum about Nadal. It is truly atrocious!! Is Hewittt jealous or something that he can’t give Tomic any credit ? Go Tomic – you are the future!!!
    Please Channel 7 get some better commentators – every year it gets worse and we’re sick of Courier. We will stop watching soon!!

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