New recruits for Dance Academy

ABC3’s Dance Academy begins filming its second season in Sydney today with 26 half-hour episodes.

Returning to the show are Tara (Xenia Goodwin), Abigail (Dena Kaplan), Sammy (Tom Green), Christian (Jordan Rodrigues), Ethan (Tim Pocock) and Miss Raine (Tara Morice), leaving Alicia Banit as Kat Karamakov the only non-returning principal.

They will be joined by two new characters.

Grace Whitney is played by Issi Durant (pictured, So You Think You Can Dance‘s teen ballerina) who joins the Academy after being kicked out of the Royal Ballet School in London. Tom Lacey (Blue Heelers) will play the new class hottie, with a tendency to say the wrong things and having aversion to personal hygiene.

Guest appearances will include Kip Gamblin (Home and Away) as dance teacher Zach, Keiynan Lonsdale (Fame The Musical) as third year student Ollie and Brooke Harman (Rake) playing dance teacher Saskia Duncan.

This year the students compete to be part of the world’s most prestigious ballet competition, the Prix de Fonteyn.

Producer Joanna Werner said: “We are thrilled to start work on the second series of Dance Academy. Our cast have been working hard in ‘ballet boot camp’ in preparation for the demanding shoot ahead. We hope our fans will enjoy what’s in stall for series two.”


  1. I can’t wait to see season 2. Dance Academy is my favourite show! I’ll definitely miss Kat. I loved her character but I’m very excited to see some more of Christian. 😛

  2. I don’t know how the series will turn out without Kat, It may only appeal to dancers without the fun, carefree Kat! Alicia is a wonderful actress and the show will really miss her!

  3. I agree it is a really good well produced and beautifully shot show.

    ABC3 had a marathon last weekend. But its been repeated many times last year on ABC1 and ABC3.

  4. I’m very excited about Season 2…even if it isn’t coming until 2012. I definitely agree about it being a well produced series. I am hoping to find out more about Alicia Banit not returning – she was a wonderful actress who suited the series perfectly.

  5. So excited about this!

    Jake, it really is a well produced one – it’s worth checking out for sure, but to be honest I believe it fits the afternoon (after school) time slot perfectly, even when I am 24 and have to set it to record 😉

  6. Haven’t seen this show but it seems like a well produced one. Maybe it should be played on prime time rather than an afternoon timeslot. Pointless putting it there especially if ratings are sought!

  7. Great news. Can’t wait to see it. I was also impressed with the third series of H2O:Just Add Water screening on Ten yesterday afternoon. It was great that Ten gave it a good timeslot, They just need to promote it more. There were absolutely no promos for it, yet they constantly promote K9 which isn’t even on air any more.

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