Pat Rafter joins Australian Open commentary

Not rapt by Lleyton Hewitt? Now Pat Rafter will take to the commentary box.

Since commentating on the Australian Open for Seven, Lleyton Hewitt appears to have divided many viewers.

While some have criticised his delivery, or accused him of bias, others have noted some insight into gameplay. Presumably most views were already coloured by views of his playing rather than just his commentary.

Hewitt will resume his commentary on Sunday in the lead-up to the men’s Final -the very event he failed to qualify for.

Tonight former champ turned coach Pat Rafter will take to the commentary box, for the men’s semi final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic.

Channel 7 Head of Sport Saul Shtein said, “Pat is loved by all Australians. As a Grand Slam winner he will have a fascinating perspective on the game. We look forward to his insights on Seven.”

Hopefully he doesn’t make the same mistake Johanna Griggs made earlier this week when her microphone was still open and she casually chatted with a colleague about having to take of “some sh*t” the next day. Ooops.

Rafter will join with Bruce McAvaney and Jim Courier tonight.

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  1. C’mon Bob, no one knows stats like Bruce, and it’s cute to hear his man-crushes!! Although it was cringe worthy the other night when he was pretending (at least I hope he was pretending) to get really excited about watching Home and Away. Much as I dislike Lleyton he’s actually done a good job in commentary.

  2. Now now Aussie Bob, Bruce is alright. Actually I would say he is *special*.
    Lleyton, however, is not a commentator’s aah…um, voicebox. Sounds like Jim Courier is pinching Lleyton’s nostrils whenever he talks – and my, he talks A Lot.

    Poor Pat, however, while I adore you, I believe your penchant for pronouncing Rs as Ws will not go down vewy well in the commentawy box.

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