Prime, GWN rebrand with 7

On Sunday night regional networks Prime and GWN will re-launch with new names and new logos.

TV Tonight hears that tomorrow night regional networks Prime and GWN will re-launch with new names and new logos, reflecting their affiliation with the Seven Network.

From 6pm Sunday night PRIME7 and GWN7 will roll out new IDs and promos reflecting the rebranded names, which carry the famous big, red, “7.”

New outdoor signage will follow later.

News services will also rebrand to PRIME7 News and GWN7 News.

Prime Television is 14.9% owned by Seven, while Lachlan Murdoch owns an 8% stake.

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  1. Angry Face, I would believe that they would watermark PRIME to the left of 7 in any marketing case, so it would be as follows, Prime7, Prime7TWO, and Prime7mate, like what Neil said. It would be a lot less confusing, streamlined, and a lot cleaner, too. It used to be the coloured 7Two Prime logo on the top left hand corner. Looked ugly too.

  2. I see this as a two part re-branding to avoid any viewer shock, particularly in the loyal prime viewing regions. To completely remove the Prime and GWN brands in one hit replaced with 7 would create some confusion.

    For now, we have the two brands sitting side by side, ripe for a complete change over in 12-18 months perhaps when the Seven branding has built further recognition. As a major shareholder, I’m sure Seven have national plans for their brand – not just in the metro areas but regionally also.

  3. I really wish that they would just make everything the same accross the country. It’s annoying here in Tassie to have Southern Cross which is mainly Channel 7 and TDT which is just Channel 10 but for them to be called different things. It gets even more annoying when they still show Channel 10 shows on Southern Cross, and have them on the same time on TDT and even on ONE HD when it is sports coverage.

  4. Personally I’d rather have Seven buy Prime 100%, and have it broadcast the exact same as regular Seven, and get rid of all the Prime branding. I’m sick of all the regional ads they air, and the “local” news, for places many hours away from me. I’d rather see Seven’s ads and Seven’s news for places closer to me.

    I think “7Prime” makes more sense than “Prime7” though. It goes better with the flow of the other channels. I mean, what makes more sense?
    – 7Prime, 7Two, and 7Mate, or
    – Prime7, 7Two on Prime7, and 7Mate on Prime7.

    Clearly the first set makes more sense. And if they absolutely had to have the “Prime” bit in there, they could have “7Prime”, “7TwoPrime”, and “7MatePrime”.

  5. 7 loves to splash their logo over everything they own, it’s a pity the majority of the prime share holders didn’t object. Keep them seperate and allow them to continue to build on their own unique branding.

  6. Whilst I love the idea, could not some attempt have been made to make the logos look half decent.

    Talk about fugly.

    That font for PRIME has always been hideous. Now add the 7 and the god awful gradient line underneath, and I’m not joking that is one of the ugliest logos I have ever seen.

    Wow. Just wow.

  7. It sucks to see regional networks reduced to this, from a pure nostalgic point of view. I still remember GWN as having the gold oval around it, and having multiple affiliations…

    I don’t particularly see what adding a 7 adds to either brand, except compounding the impression they’re merely extensions of metropolitan networks…

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