Queensland floods: Thursday amendments

Rolling coverage updates to Thursday programming: Seven, Nine, TEN, ABC.

As the flood crisis reaches its D-Day in Brisbane today this post will update the scheduling as advised.

Today Network TEN joins the rolling coverage of the disaster from 6am, across the day.

NB: If Networks could kindly send through changes via email they will be updated here for readers.

5:00am AEDT Today (4am Brisbane).
11am Nine Morning News
12pm Continuing coverage TBC
6:00pm Nine News
7:00pm ACA
7:30pm Customs
8:00pm Getaway
8:30pm CSI:NY
9:30pm Nine News (2 hrs)

Brisbane (as above except)
7:30pm Nine News (3 hrs)

5:00am Today (4 am Bris)
11:00am Nine Morning News
12:00pm Nine News: Flood Disaster
6:00pm Nine News
7:00pm ACA
7:30pm Twenty/20 Cricket

6:00am Today
9:00am as scheduled

7:00am Today (4 hrs) (6-10am Bris)

2:30pm Women’s Twenty / 20 Australia v England
5:30pm The Zoo

5:00am AEDT Sunrise (4am Brisbane)
12pm Seven News
4:30pm Seven News at 4:30pm
6:00pm Seven News
7:00pm Today Tonight
7:30pm Seven News
8:30pm Movie
10:30pm Seven News

9pm Medibank International
11pm Louis Theroux rpt

NB: Movie: Dreamgirls is out

6:00am AEDT TEN News (5am Brisbane)
9:00am TEN News
1:00pm TEN News
3:00pm TEN News
5:00pm TEN News at Five
6:00pm TEN News*
7:00pm The 7PM Project
7:30pm Normal programming resumes
10:30pm TEN Late News
11:30pm The Late Show with David Letterman
12:30am Burn Notice rpt

*Perth 30 mins.

6:00am TEN Early News (2 hrs)

5:00pm TEN News (90 mins)
5:00am AEDT ABC News Breakfast
12pm Midday Report
12:30pm ABC News 24 continuing coverage
7:00pm ABC News
8:00pm 7:30 News Special: Floods with Leigh Sales
9:00pm Ashes to Ashes
9:55pm The Bionic Vet
10:25pm Late News Edition (extended)
10:55pm Grand Designs rpt

7:00pm ABC News (local)
7:30pm The 7:30 Report (local)
8:00pm ABC News 24 continuing coverage

7:00pm ABC News (local)
7:30pm Replay of Qld 7.30 Report
8:00pm ABC News 24 continuing coverage

Other States
South Australia: 2030‐2100 ABC News 24 coverage
Northern Territory: 1930 – 2100 ABC News 24 coverage
Western Australia 1900 -2100 ABC News 24 coverage

Friday, 14 January:
5:30am News Breakfast
10:00am Return to normal ABC1 schedule

ABC News 24:
Until further notice ABC News 24 will continue rolling coverage:

1900‐2000: National one hour news bulletin
2000‐2100: National one‐hour 7.30 special
2100‐2400: Continuing rolling coverage from the ABC NEWS 24 team

Donations: www.qld.gov.au/floods
Hotline: 1300 993 191
Traffic & Travel info: 131 940 www.131940.qld.gov.au
Lifeline crisis line 13 11 14

This post updates.

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  1. Omg… U bunch of wingers… I for one have many friends and family who have lost their entire livelihoods through the qld floods.. And as I live interstate the ‘continous’ coverage has been so beneficial.. If your not interested in what’s happening to your fellow Australians turn the [email protected]!.” tv off and take your dogs for a walk in your ‘dry’ suburban park!!

  2. While you have to applaud most of the coverage, it is wearing a bit thin seeing the same pieces of stock footage over and over and over again. It might be the 24 hour news cycle, but there needs to be actual news, not just continual repeats.

    Re the changes to schedules – a huge pox on the houses of the programming gibbons, from all stations. Update EPG’s and Don’t just shift programs round the schedule. Starting Ashes to Ashes 30 mins late has shafted the entire series. Outrageous Fortune was 60 mins late on Wednesday, it appears Thursdays didn’t screen and with only about 5 eps to go for good, it is out of the schedule. Reschedule programming. These clowns wonder why torrents make up the large percentage of internet traffic – the viewing public care more about the programming than the people employed to.

    All that said – thoughts go out to all affected in both NSW & Qld. Stay safe…

    1. Yes up to date EPGs is essential. It’s been quite a week for Amendments, and I can sense the frustration of some Programming staff awaiting on information from various Producers etc to update their info more promptly. That said, in the flow of fluctuating info this week, Nine has been the most prompt this week. Maybe they have more practice!

  3. @MJ – Sorry to hear about your floods in Rockhampton.
    And how many deaths were there again?

    There are lots of options for those who have little or no interest in keeping up with major real life events. Watch a DVD, for example.
    The ABC is doing a brilliant job at keeping Australians informed.
    (Don’t know about the commercial stations – who would bother?)
    I suppose that channel nine viewers are traumatised at missing Two and a half Cretins, poor things.

  4. Thank goodness tomorrow is the last day of coverage. I mean, we got hit by flooding up here in Rockhampton a week ago yet we didn’t any blanket TV coverage. I think how Channel 9 did it during the cricket last night is how I would do it for future events. Simply have a 10 minute update every hour or half hour, and then go back to the normal programming. In this age where we have the internet, iPads, SMS alerts etc is it really that necessary to have the type of coverage we have now?

    Plus if I were in Brisbane, I’d be also looking for a diversion from any sort of flood information.

  5. @Mr. Chandler (referring to 1pm comment) I would say any second telethon will air on all FTA networks (possibly even on Foxtel). A one network telethon would have cut it before Tuesday, not anymore.

    I reckon, if they dedicated Australia Day to any joint day long telethon (which should involve both Freeview and Foxtel channels) you could double, maybe triple the current amount in the Qld Premier’s Flood Appeal.

    Also, Ch31 in Brisbane, (based at West End) is flooded, and signals went down yesterday.

  6. I just watched andrew lofthouse and melissa downes interview campbell newman -the cut him while he was in the middle of giving advice on what to do post-flood.
    He had “run out of time”…………..and the show went straight into ad-break.

    Absolutely pathetic. A lot of people would have been hanging on his advice.

  7. @Bre Saxs: not all TV sets have closed captioning capabilities, so there is the lady doing sign language at the press conference to help deaf and hearing-impaired people understand the message.

  8. @Casey. Agree. We have the same problem in NSW. Parramatta and Liverpool are Not part of Sydney, as often claimed.
    Agree re the vultures. The bogan weather “presenter”, “Sunrise” I think it was, blocking the stairs of a place where everyone was in a frenzy trying to move stuff upstairs, clearly being a major obstacle, just for the “colour”. Shameful.
    “Beat the Star” is out however Prime was still promoting it up to 7:20pm. Left hand not knowing what the right hand’s doing?

  9. What is going to happen to Beat the Star, which is supposed to have Daniel MacPherson tonight, as according to my EPG, it has been replaced by the rolling coverage of the floods? Has it been rescheduled to after the tennis, or will be on 7TWO or 7mate?

  10. I’m a Bris resident and agree it’s definitely media overkill and is also a case
    of the media being like vultures, as usual. People in other cities probably don’t realise Ipswich is it’s own separate city and isn’t a part of Brisbane.

  11. So some don’t want continuous coverage. I assume this is from people who have nothing else to do other than watch TV all day and all night. Continuous coverage is primarily for the benefit of people who can only watch it now and then, and not necessarily at 6pm. It’s on 5 channels. So? There are 10 other channels with other programming. As for the kids’ programming being replaced on ABC1. About time. Hope it’s permanent. ABC2 & ABC3 have more than enough animated, moronic crap to act as mummy’s favourite babysitter.

  12. David Knox.

    Dont if know if you know this yet but seven is having a Seven News Special @ 19:30pm – 20:32pm and again @ 22:30pm – 00:00pm (this according to my Quide on my TV in Melbourne)

    Queensland Australia is with you!..

  13. Seven News Brisbane (as of 4pm QLD time Thurs)
    until 6pm – Seven News Special
    6pm – Seven News
    7pm – Today Tonight
    7:30pm-11pm – Seven News Special

    4:30am – Seven Early News
    5am – Sunrise
    9am – Toy Box
    9:30am – Seven Morning News
    10am – Normal programming
    4:30pm – Seven News At 4:30 (only 30 mins)
    5pm – Seven News Special
    6pm – Seven News
    6:30 pm – Today Tonight
    7pm – Normal Programming resumes from this time

  14. @ Bre Saxs…I would imagine that the news is happening and changing so quickly….that captioning is unable to keep up….
    Also congratulations to all the news teams…..I am wondering when they are sleeping….
    Chris Bath on Seven…..many of the ‘outside reporters from all channels…just seem to be continuously there …on the spot.

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