Renewed: Spartacus: Blood and Sand

Spartacus: Blood and Sand is getting a second season with the Starz network despite the fact it hasn’t announced who will replace actor Andy Whitfield, who withdrew due to non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

“We’re very confident about where we are in the casting process of finding a lead actor to step into Spartacus’ sandals,” said  Starz’s CEO Chris Albrecht, “though we’ll never be able to replace Andy Whitfield.”

Actors reported to be in the running for the lead include Stephen Amell, Aiden Turner and Liam McIntyre (The Pacific, Neighbours).

The second season is likely to go into production in the US but is not expected to air before 2012.

Meanwhile the prequel, Gods of the Arena, premieres in the US on January 2st with Dustin Clare (pictured, Satisfaction, Underbelly) . It will air in Australia on GO!

Check out the new trailer….


Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Great news! I hope Liam McIntyre gets the role of Spartacus. He was the best of the rumoured three options for the role.

    And hopefully Andy Whitfield will make a full recovery and make an appearance in another Rob Tapert/Sam Raimi production in the future.

  2. Such a shame about Andy.

    Spartacus was great. Sure there were flaws, some times it’s was really gripping and intense drama. Other times laugh out loud bad. However the Good outweighed the bad and was one of the best viewing experiences of last year.

  3. I new the name was familiar. Seven are running Home & Away promos about a gang at the moment and one of them has a tattoo on their chest that says Blood And Sand. Just thought I’d mention it.

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